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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day #1,147 - Funny Finds

The funniest find today was emailed by one Penny Tale Reader:

I had several errands to do at work today and on my way back to my office stopped at the restroom. I had asked the Angels for a coin on the start of my travels, but no luck. I entered a stall in the restroom and lo and behold, in the bottom of the commode was a dime! I guess I need to be more specific when asking for coins. Technically I was still in travel mode as I needed yet to walk back to my office. I stood there looking at the dime and decided, "Oh what the's clean water ". LOL


Today the focus was the kitchen countertops. Tile Bob (Curmudgeon) laid the remaining backerboard, then cut and fit the recycled glass planks. Envision a Terrazo look. I was able to order the green, brown, mirror, and porcelain glass pieces in the percentages and sizes I specified. Doc still thinks it is gross to use recycled porcelain on the kitchen counter.

Doc and I did some cleaning, replaced the chipped medicine cabinet door and various other small tasks. We were expecting delivery of the oak handrailing by 2 p.m. but it did not arrive. Got a message on the home answer machine this evening saying the driver has left it sitting on the doorstep out there.

At 2:30 Doc and I headed out to meet the contractor at Rental Property #2. We were stopped at a red light and about to turn right when Doc spotted a penny in the street. (Coin #1). At the rental (nicknamed Paint Bucket) the contractor asked me about the floor tile, kitchen cabinets, knobs, light fixtures, paint, door molding, door locks, medicine cabinet, mirrors, windows, garage door, yard gate, gas line and more. All those items were discussed and decisions were made within 15 minutes! Why does it take days or even weeks to design or decide on each of those components for the Penny Palace?

After reviewing the contractor’s progress, we asked him about payment. He replied, “Can you give me 5?” At that moment Doc spotted a nickel on the floor. He picked it up and presented it to Hank. “Here is your Five!” Good for a laugh! Those Angels are funny sometimes.


I next stopped at a tile store to order the tiles for the kitchen backsplash and buy some grout.

Doc had found his coins for today, but I had not. I asked the Angels about it. I was nudged to pull into a self car wash. It was getting dark as I carefully searched the whole area. I was discouraged when I did not find any coins and was walking back to the truck. Discussion with Angels, “Hey, you nudged me to stop here. So where is the coin? I don’t’ have time to goof around”. Within seconds there was a shiny penny in my path. (Tina Coin #1).

At Home Depot I got some concrete stain, a shop vac and one penny (Tina Coin #2).

Meanwhile, Doc was at the Mexican café getting dinner. His next stop at a grocery store yielded a penny. (Coin #3)


This evening has been filled with reading contracts, cleaning up action items from today, preparing for a busy day tomorrow. Feels like I’m driving in the fast lane (which I never do on the freeway).

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.09

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JR said...

Could be worse. You could be using coins fetched from a porcelain commode on your kitchen counter.