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Friday, February 10, 2012

Day #1,148 - Curb Cutting

One year ago the bank FINALLY gave us the OK to begin building the Penny Palace. That was a major milestone. (The City had approved our plans the prior November).

You have heard of Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies? Today we had a Curb Cutting Celebration. Neighbors Minnie and Bonita came over to investigate and Share the JOY.

This morning I arrived to find the concrete crew digging dirt so the street curb could be cut away. Now we can drive from the street onto the property without the use of that horrible-looking, broken-up lumber ramp.

Tile Bob and Tony worked on the kitchen countertops. They placed the no-drip tile edging and the ¼ round pieces at the sink.

Jesse replaced the damaged wall stone caps along the driveway and placed the new caps on the patio wall. That creates a nice place to sit and appreciate the waterfalls.

This afternoon at 3:45 we met with the Landscapers to lay out the plans for the next two weeks. The goal is to have the front yard completed by the end of the month.

At 5:30 Doc and I were leaving to go home for an hour and feed the dogs. Phantom Plumber appeared! We reviewed a few things with him.

Since I didn’t have any coins yet, we stopped at the 7-11 store before getting on the freeway. I collected a dime and one penny outside the store, then a dime, 3 pennies and a quarter inside the store. Also gave two cashiers each a Penny Card and shared the story.

Meanwhile Doc collected 9 coins in the parking area! (2 d, 6 p, 1 q). He had already found a dime and a penny earlier in the day when he stopped at a grocery store for coffee.

At 7:30 p.m. we returned to the Penny Palace to meet with Countertop Francisco. He thought he was coming over for a few minutes just to cut two faucet holes. Surprise! I asked him to trim three pieces, caulk a spot on a sink, and then cut and polish five of the recycled glass planks for Tile Bob to glue down. Since he still had two other appointments tonight, he measured things and took the pieces with him. He said he would return by noon tomorrow! Overnight service on countertops? Talk about Angel assistance!

Total: 18 Coins P (11), N (0), D (5), Q (2) = $1.11

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Happy loan day to you,
Happy loan day to you,
Happy loan day dear penny finder,
Happy loan day to you.