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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day #1,200 - Retirement Notice

This evening I submitted my Intent to Retire letter. Feels a little like jumping off a high-dive board and trusting that the water will be deep enough where you are headed.

Today Doc went to school and I went to the Penny Palace.

The Landscapers continued to put in plants - including those Clivias from my neighbor and the irises from my mom. The waterfall was tested and fine-tuned.

The painters acid-washed the front garage to prepare it for the epoxy coating.

I painted, caulked, and cleaned.

The landscape crew left and by 4:30 I locked up the house. As I was leaving, Cabinet John arrived with the drawer he had modified. Now the drawer clears the gas regulator under the cooktop.

I dashed out to arrive at the post office 5 minutes before they closed. Needed to mail out our income tax packages.

It had been three days since I had shopped at Home Depot, so it was time. Got a few supplies, but no coins.

I was nearly home and realized I had no coins for today. I pulled into a closed car wash station. I uttered a desperate SingSong: “PLEASE Penny Angels won’t you come out to play?” I immediately found a penny, then a second one. At the other side of the station there were three more pennies in separate locations.

Five minutes ago I submitted my Letter of Intent to Retire. I will not be returning to CPP at the end of this Leave of Absence. The Penny Palace is keeping me way too busy to also hold a job. It insists upon my full-time attention!

Total: 5 Pennies

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JR said...

Hit-for-the-cycle all on the second of the month. I'm taking the rest of April off.