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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Have Sign Off!

We have the Official City Sign Off on the Dream Home!

THANK YOU to all of you and others who have made this happen. Whether it was hands-on involvement, cheerleading, kibitzing, inspecting, funding, paper pushing or hugs, there are hundreds of people who created this Special Place.

If you have been on board for any portion of this journey, you know that the Penny Palace is a symbol of COINcidences, dreaming big, and manifesting. The Penny Angels and an incredible Source of love (whatever term you chose to call it) have made this happen.

Some of you have been involved for over 25 years. Thank you for your love and dedication. Thank you for not giving up even when I did.

My brain many times over the past years has said “Foolish, wasteful, selfish, financially stupid, too much work, not worth it, quit, give up.” The heart and ‘nudgings’ have said, “Build it. There is a purpose for it”. There is a reason for “Tina’s Ark”. There is a reason to leave a secure job behind and walk forward on faith. But Gosh the engineer in me is sure fighting that.

It has been 2.5 years since this new parcel of land ‘fell into our laps’. It has been 14 months since ground-breaking on Valentine’s Day last year.

This journey has provided daily reminders of invisible forces around us which are there to help. It is now Day #1216 of CONTINUOUS Penny Finding which is somehow related to this project. I’m wondering if the coin finding will continue now that we have the official Sign Off?

For the rest of today’s Penny Tale, see today’s Blog and Video.

So many people have said the Penny Palace is a welcoming place and symbolic to them. I hope you will find that to be true and come visit it yourself.

with Gratitude,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Tina and Doc, Congratulations from Down Under Lots of love, Merril & Shirlee