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Monday, April 30, 2012

Day #1,228 - Glitches

Today was a full day, but there is not much to show for it.  Last week I put clear sealer on the undersides of the stair treads.  Today I turned them over to seal the top sides.  There were drips on the edges.  Glitches.  So I scraped off the drips on five treads.  The spots looked terrible.  So I sanded them. Not good.  Now those areas were lighter.  Glitches. So I sanded the entire treads.  Then they needed staining again. But the other treads had two coats of stain making them much darker. (Which I did not like).  So now do I stain these 5 darker to match the others?  Or sand down the seven and re-stain them as well?  Yuck.

I put a second coat of sealer on the handrail, weeded Doc’s vegetables garden, took solar array readings, moved boxes and cleaned!

I washed down the Master Shower stall and noticed the top of the tub wall had never been painted!  Raw drywall mud.  Another Action Item.

Window Washer Brian continued to clean thresholds, remove window stickers and install bug screens.  We tried installing all the new screens and half of them do not work.  I have made a list and emailed the window rep this evening.  Glitches.

At 6 p.m. I finally called it quits for the day (at least on site).  Stopped at a grocery store to get bananas for Doc and dog food for Norman.  The dog treats were looking quite appealing to me by that point, so I grabbed a bag of beef jerky to nibble on.  Found a penny in the check out area.  (Coin #1).

Lots of emails and end-of-the-month stuff for the Penny Palace tonight. 

I just assembled a rolling clothing cart where I can hang things for the next few weeks.  Realized the end pieces are on backwards. More glitches.  I plan to take our current closet bar and shelves to the Penny Palace.  My brother made them and they are much nicer than anything else I’ve seen.  (And the price is right). 

Total:   1 Penny

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