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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day #1,224 - Smiling Overdose

Kellogg House Great Room

The Kellogg Mansion on the Cal Poly Pomona campus (where we teach) has always been a special place for Doc and I.  We took our wedding invitation photos there.  I held a surprise party there for Doc when he earned his Ph.D.  We had several Solar Car Team functions there.  Plus there were many other functions I arranged there as part of my Engineering Advocate job.  Standing in the Great Room today with the fireplace glowing was absolutely magical.

We've Got Gas!
A while back when Doc and I were working on the floorplans for our new house, Doc said,  “Your Grand Room is taller than the Great Room at the Kellogg Mansion”.  I didn’t think that could be true.  Today I was standing in both of those rooms.  It is true.  I was awestruck.

The Penny Palace is a smaller and more modern version of the Kellogg Mansion which I so enjoy.   Hopefully our Penny Palace will be used similarly for wonderful joy-filled activities.

I did go to the Penny Palace for a little while this morning.  For the first time I drove Pippy around back and parked her in her spot.  She has a great view of the waterfall in our back yard and then the valley activities in the distance.

Electrician Travis
I worked with Electrician Travis to resolve that faulty canned light fixture (21 ft high in the Grand Room ceiling) as well as a few other little items.

Window washing Brian was able to do a few things, but it was raining too hard for him to work on the exterior of the house as planned.


Today was spent mostly at Cal Poly Pomona. I attended the Pacesetters (retired folk) luncheon which was held at the Kellogg House Pomona (Kellogg Mansion).  In addition to the annual business meeting, there was a special performance  by celebrated, classical in-theatre pipe organist Tony Wilson on the newly installed Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.  It was magnificent!  For that brief period of time, all else was forgotten. 

I had been feeling guilty about leaving the Penny Palace so early today to attend this luncheon. Being at the Mansion I was re-energized by realizing we had somewhat created our own Mansion!  I sat there with my eyes closed listening to the pipe organ and was inspired.  Some NEW ideas and goals emerged …  I was very surprised by one of them.

After the luncheon, I took care of a few tasks on campus.  Closed my Credit Union account (now that I am retiring), Cashed in some Gift Cards, and then visited and hugged at least a dozen people I had not seen in a while.

Found two dimes and a penny while passing through the Student Union, then a nickel and two pennies under a table in the cafeteria area.  (Coins #1-6)

On the way home I stopped to get a Thank You balloon bouquet for Iron Work Jimmy.  When I stopped at his shop, he put everything aside for 5 minutes and ‘stretched’ a metal rack for me.  That will hold the storybook in the Aussie Bathroom.

The next stop was Home Depot.  Must have at least one of those each day.  I purchased the door lock for the dog yard gate which Jimmy is fabricating.  Joshua was the helpful sales clerk who re-keyed the new lock as well as the one I was trying to get re-keyed yesterday.  Yipee!

When I got home, there were emails about the vinyl letters, upcoming visitors to the Penny Palace and all sorts of other topics.

Today was filled with such a continuous stream of Joy moments.  By this evening my heart was exhausted from smiling so much!

Total:   6 Coins        P (3), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.28

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JR said...

Oh boy! A pipe organ in the Penny Palace. Can't wait to play it.

Good thing I got those quarters early or you would have hit for the cycle.