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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day #1,206 - Concrete Coloring

This morning Doc rolled over at 6:30 a.m. and said, “Good Morning, we need to get going”. Tina’s response, “Good Morning, so then get out of my bed and go!”

Doc decided that for some excitement we would get a drive through breakfast at Jack’s vs. McDonalds today. My meal was horrible, but I found one penny. (Coin #1). We needed to get cash at the bank, so we headed to that shopping center. I could not resist walking past the closed In-N-Out Burger windows. Did not find any coins as I walked past window #1. Turned around to look back. The Easter morning light showed me two pennies which I had just walked past! Then there was a dime at the second window. (Coins #2-4). I did a Singsong as I walked to meet Doc where he was parked. Found a dime. (Coin #5).

Our next stop was Home Depot (visit #1). One penny. (Coin #6)

Some people color eggs for Easter, we spent the day coloring concrete! We also finished the mailbox post. Numerous people were out walking this afternoon and commented on the beauty of the house, yard, wagon wheels, etc.

At 2 p.m. we had run out of concrete stain, so I left Doc to grade some of his student quiz papers while I visited Home Depot again (trip #2). Found a penny and a nickel which needed a tool for extraction. (Coins #7&8)

It was another 10-hour work day when we locked up the Penny Palace at 7 p.m. Doc stopped for coffee before we got on the freeway. We collected five pennies at that stop. (Coins #9-13).

I just wanted to go home, but Doc insisted on stopping at WalMart for a few items. We collected a dime and two pennies there. (Coins #14-16).

By 8:30 we were hungry and so sore we could barely move. We got a Mexican counter meal along with a penny, nickel, and dime. (Coins #17-19).

Arrived home at 9 p.m. to find some very unhappy and hungry canines.

Now we need to prepare for tomorrow’s lab class (Doc), expected subcontractors (Tina), and other obligations.

Total: 19 Coins P (13), N (2), D (4), Q (0) = $0.63

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JR said...

Hmm. You call the Angels stingy on Good Friday and get a bonanza on Easter. Last Sunday was your only other foray into double digits this month.