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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day #1,219 - Sealed

Today’s primary focus seemed to be on sealing things.

This morning when Doc stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s, I visited three nearby fast food places.  Three pennies at the first one; two pennies at the second, and a dime at the third.  (Coins #1-6).
Sealing the Patio

Doc and I arrived at the Penny Palace at 7 a.m. - only minutes before Miguel and Serafin did.  They immediately went to work and did not quit until 3:15 p.m.  They sealed the patio. They sealed the new stucco wall.  They sealed the driveway, the pathways, the bridges, the flagstone, the repaired driveway retaining wall, the front walkway, the North driveway, the circular driveway, the mailbox post, the front repaired column, and even the mini-mountain inside the house.  This sealing process really enhanced the colors of all the stone, stucco, and concrete.

Phantom Plumber
Sometime during the morning the Phantom Plumber arrived.  He set the two garage sinks, connected the faucets and drains, sealed everything, and installed the point-of-use water heater in the back garage.

Doc and I installed the timer trigger pegs, replaced the floor outlet cover in the Grand Room, put in two window screens, cleaned thresholds, cleaned oversprayed paint, washed floors, installed closet shelving, etc.  When Doc left to take care of some banking, I continued to clean and to seal floor grout.  I believe that is the last of the tile sealing!  Yipee!

Sealing Mini-Mountain
We locked up the Penny Palace at 3:45.  Temperatures were over 90 degrees today and I was wiped out.  Just wanted to go home, eat lunch and get cool!  But I want to continue working on things in the garage, so I bargained with Doc - if he would help me crush all the aluminum cans he has all over the garage and bag the plastic bottles, I would take them to the recycle station while he took a nap.  I took 30 minutes for my part of the deal; Doc took a 2-hr nap.  I did find a penny there.  (Coin #7)

This evening I am paying bills.  Good to seal and mail off those envelopes since I was getting a bit behind on that chore.

Got a letter from the Academic V.P. at Cal Poly Pomona saying “We understand you will not be returning from your two-year Leave of Absence.  Best wishes.”  I guess that Seals that deal.

Total:   7 Coins        P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

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JR said...

So you're not coming back? I get all these coins to myself?