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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day #1,201 - Seeing Clearly

Each day brings us one day closer to getting the Certificate of Occupancy.

Today the Painters applied the first coat of epoxy to the attached-garage floor. They were done by 10 a.m.

Window Washing Brian began his work. He started with the interior of the windows along the South side of the house. How wonderful it was to have the stickers and construction mess off the glass. Nice to be able to See Clearly.

I left the Penny Palace at Noon figuring that Brian could wash windows without my help. I stopped briefly at home to check emails. There were some which needed responses. Next I went to the sign shop to continue progress on the wall lettering for the garden bathroom. After that it was off to the custom cabinet shop. I worked with the owner to make modifications to my “Plan A” and get it closer down to Doc’s budgeted amount (now Plan B). Then I stopped at Michael’s Crafts for some decal sealant.

By this point in my day I still had no coin finds. So I stopped at a grocery store. I bought some fruit just so I could spend time in the check out area. Not only did I not find any coins - I lost one! I was supposed to get three pennies back as my change, and the machine only disbursed two!

I was telling the Angels that they were not performing very well today. As soon as I uttered that, there was a nickel in the threshold of the store as I was leaving. I laughed. As I walked away I said, “Yes, but I need a PENNY for today.” Immediately I spotted a coin which I thought was a penny. I reached for it. It was a dime. “Hey Angels, how can I justify PENNY TALES if you are only giving me silvers?

Thought: Do we think that way in other areas of our lives? We may have been blessed with much more than we asked for, yet we whine because we did not get our original request?

I was driving home and STILL griping to the Angels about no penny. I was ‘nudged’ to turn into a gas station. I parked and carefully searched the entire area. Nothing. I gave up - but not without telling the Angels what I thought. “Look Guys, if you are going to ‘nudge’ me to stop, then you need to hold up your end of this agreement. I don’t appreciate wasting time on a wild goose chase!” There was a penny as I walked back to my truck.


When I got home I kicked off my construction boots and laced on some shoes which I had not worn in a while. There was a penny in one of them! The Angels were now being playful in response to my earlier sassiness.


Doc arrived home from school at 9 p.m. He was very tired and hungry. He had collected a penny and a dime while walking back to his office after his lecture classes.

Total: 5 Coins P (2), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.27 + one shoe penny

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Anonymous said...

So much for early retirement this month. There was this poor flattened penny in the middle of University Drive that I just had to rescue.