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Friday, April 20, 2012

Day #1,218 - C of O

Wednesday when Inspector Mike Signed Off on our building permit card he said we did not need a Certificate of Occupancy - that was only for Commercial Buildings.  Guess what arrived in today’s mail?  Our Certificate!  It says “… must be posted and maintained at or near to the entrance of the building …”  Even though it is a pretty document, I don’t think I want it hanging at our front door.  LOL.

This morning on our way to the Penny Palace Doc stopped at Starbucks and Subway for breakfast.  I was disappointed because I didn’t find any coins in the parking area there.  So Doc drove me across the street to the closed In-N-Out Burger place where I collected 3 pennies and one nickel.  (Coins #1-4).

We visited a very huge irrigation supply place to seek additional waterfall timer triggers.  (I want to cycle the waterfalls twice each day).  They only deal with the new, digital timers.  In looking around I thought. “There is no way there would be a loose penny in a place like this”.  Wrong!  There was a penny in the doorway as we were leaving.  (Coin #5)  How in the world did we miss that when we walked in?

Continued progress at the Penny Palace.  Doc and I cleaned his office from top to bottom.  Except for buying and installing a ceiling fan, that room is now ready for move in!
The rep called us today regarding the tacky garage floor.  It was concluded that the painter did not properly mix the sealer and hardener.  The clear coating needs to be removed.  Thus, Doc and I got to work with a can of pure acetone and were able to dissolve a few square feet of the material before quitting due to the fumes (and my frustration with the process).  We will continue with a few more feet tomorrow.

Temperatures today were in the mid-90s, but it was really pleasant inside the Penny Palace.  Doc turned on the two huge ceiling fans in the Grand Room for both practical and fun reasons. 

Doc helped me apply those vinyl decals on the bathroom walls.  One on each of three walls:
            “All Things Bright and Beautiful”
            “All Creatures Great and Small”
            “All Things Wise and Wonderful”

Concrete Rick came by to test out the different concrete sealers for tomorrow’s projects.

Neighbor Brian dropped in with a housewarming gift.  His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus who showed up at the Penny Palace on December 20  (see blog).

We shut down the Penny Palace at 4 p.m. and headed to Home Depot.  We had quite a shopping list tonight.  And we found those waterfall timer triggers!

Then Doc insisted we go out to dinner before heading home.  He wanted to celebrate this week’s milestone achievement.  I dread going into a sit-down restaurant when I am wearing construction boots and clothing covered in paint, sweat and dust.  Yuck.  Doc found a nickel in the planter near the entrance.  (Coin #6)

Someone said today “Have a nice weekend”. 
How are weekends any different than weekdays?  The Penny Palace is a 24/7  project / blessing / curse / obsession …

Total:   6 Coins        P (4), N (2), D (0), Q (0) = $0.14


Sasha said...

My dear friends,
I am watching your video and experience a very warm feeling looking at you, while you are doing preparations before moving into your palace. Sorry I cannot express all the feelings that flooded me at the moment. But I am readily join to all the good wishes that your friends, native speakers, can express in their messages to you, belive me.

With much hugs,
Sasha in Russia

Merril said...

Stick the C af O on the back of a framed print or painting and hang it by the front door. Make it weatherproof and you can have it outside the front door (you didn’t say if it had to be displayed inside or outside). Then if asked you can go Ta da!

JR said...

Why aren't the installers doing the acetone wash. That stuff will rot your brain. Oh, wait...