In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day #1,211 - Large Cent

This afternoon I was given an 1845 Large Cent. According to Wikipedia:

The United States large cent was a coin with a face value of 1/100 of a United States dollar. The first official mintage of the large cent was in 1793, and its production continued until 1857, when it was officially replaced by the modern-size one-cent coin (commonly called the penny).

This morning we ran a few errands before going to the Penny Palace. Stopped to get a picture frame repaired. Nickel before going into the shop and a penny when walking back to the van. (Coins #1&2). No stray coins at the bank or post box store. Doc found two pennies at the 99¢ store. (Coins #3&4). Ram board (floor protection), but no coins at Home Depot.

Doc stopped for a coffee. I found a penny outside the store, one inside the store, one dirt penny in a planter, one nearby at the closed car wash (a very shiny, clean one), and Doc found one in a planter. (Coins #5-9)


At the Penny Palace I washed another section of floor tile and then sealed the grout lines.

Doc graded some student quizzes. He also checked the water flow along the South yard and checked the tackiness of the garage floor epoxy. It still has not fully cured.

Hank (the contractor on the two rental houses) came to visit. It was raining fairly hard at the time and he got drenched when coming in the front door. We need to get additional gutter.

Hank brought me a special gift - an 1845 Large Cent from his coin collection. I didn’t even know Large Cent pieces existed.


On the drive home, Doc had a Sit-N-Find at an intersection. He opened the van door and reached out (in the rain) to collect his Median Find penny. (Coin #10)


This evening I was undermotivated to do Anything. Yet I was too awake to do Nothing. I had the thought “Maybe I should call someone and we could have dinner or do something non-house related.” But I was too apathetic and lazy. Just then the phone rang. It was son Stephen asking if we would like to get together with him and his family someplace for dinner! Manifesting.

Total: 10 Coins P (9), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.14


Chaz said...

Tina, I feel like I received a gift myself, in reading your story of that special gift, the Large Cent, that Hank gave to you from his private collection. That really warms my heart. You deserve it, no doubt, but not many people would do something so nice as he did. (Well, you would.) Are you going to frame it like people do with their first dollar when they open a business?

JR said...

Surely there's more tackiness there than just the garage floor.