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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day #627 - Research Day

Spent most of today researching options and costs of various aspects of the new house. From concrete to light fixtures, sinks to air vents - so many items to investigate. And each of them costing about 2-10 times more than I want them to. This project is not Financially Logical. I wonder how Noah dealt with costs, sustainability, government regulations, etc. (not to mention waste removal).


This morning I set appointments with concrete and framing subs, made calls regarding utilities, emails on funding, review of the plans, etc.

At noon I headed out to do mostly new house related errands. Dropped by the architect to get a few new print outs, went to make photo copies, researched faucets, doors, appliances, medicine cabinets, ventilation systems, lighting, flooring, etc. etc. There were no pennies in any of these places. These places don’t deal with small change - they deal in the $100s and $1,000s.


Out of desperation I visited a 99¢ Store where I know I can afford things. I bought nothing, but collected one penny.

After roughing out some numbers this evening, I am calling upon the Penny Angels. If they want this ARK to be built, they are going to need some creative financing to do it.

Total: 1 Penny

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