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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day #635 - Family Time

Isn’t it amazing how much control our minds have? I am not a morning person, so I usually set 3 alarm clocks on days where it is important for me to wake up early. This morning as I was going to bed at 2:30 I set only one alarm (so as not to bother Doc so much) and said, “Body wake up at 6:30 AM). At 6:27 I peacefully woke up, looked at the clock, shut off the alarm and quietly slipped out of bed. Doc never noticed.

Oops! I just realized I have been answering emails and it is now 7 AM. I have fed the dogs, but not had my breakfast. (The dogs have gone back to bed). I now have only 5 minutes to eat, shower, comb my hair, get dressed and get my gear out the door! Talk to you later tonight …


It is now later tonight. Where do the hours go each day?

I was out the door at 7:05 AM to take mom to the dentist. That task took until after noon. Ran home to respond to emails and take care of some action items from yesterday’s busy day.

This morning Doc went to the bank, then watched concrete being poured at the grocery store. That got him all excited about concrete at our new house. He found 2¢ inside the store (Coins #1&2). Then he went to WalMart where he found a dime in the dirt, then 4 pennies and a dime inside the store. (Coins #3-8). The Rookie has gotten really good at this game.


Doc suggested McDonalds for lunch before we headed out for the rest of the day. The line at McDonalds was long, and I had not found a coin yet today, so while Doc placed the order, I searched the adjacent self-serve car wash. I got my penny. (Coin #9)


This afternoon was our “Play Date” with the nieces and nephews. For the past few years we have been taking the two twin boys (now 9 yrs old) and Ashley (now 6 years old) for bi-weekly “Play Dates”. This was the very first time for little Jaime (now THREE) to go out with us. She is all growed up.

We picked up Oma Karin (my mom), then met the kids at 4 PM. Doc had planned to take them to a local park and I had packed balls and bats, some snacks, a Frisbee, etc. That is Not what the kids wanted. They wanted the mall!

Two hours at the mall. Our first stop for everyone was the bookstore. We walked in the doorway and immediately spotted two shiny pennies. We were off to a good start! (Coins #10&11). Then the two little girls went to Jump ‘n Jammin with Oma Karin. At 70 years of age the old lady was still jumping in the inflatable house with the kids. (But she refused to do somersaults).

Brandon and I went exploring. We found two pennies in front of an eating place. (Coins #12& 13). Then, toward the end of our mall time, he found a nickel and penny at an eating place. (Coins #14&15).

Nicholas wanted personal time with Uncle Doc. A man was stepping on a penny. When he stepped aside, Nick rescued the trampled coin. (Coin #16) Doc found a nickel and penny on a table top. (Coins #17&18).

At 6 PM we met up with the ladies. We were waiting for them to get their shoes on. Brandon and I were standing by the bike rack when he looked down and realized there was a quarter between his two feet. Sure glad it wasn’t a snake! (Coin #19).

Brandon sat on the curb to wait. I thought, surely there is a coin somewhere in that dirt. Brandon exclaimed, “Here’s a penny!” (Coin #20)


By now everyone was hungry, so we headed for the Souplantation for dinner. (All you can eat buffet is a good thing for growing boys). We sat down for dinner and realized Jaime’s sippy cup was in the car. I went out and fetched it, along with a penny in the parking lot. (Coin #21).

Most of us were already out the door when Jaime exclaimed: “Penny!” as she pointed to the coin on the chair at a nearby table. (Coin #22). What a quick learner. Success on her first night out!

The Newest member of Penny Finders!

The kids begged to go to Chuck E Cheese. I told them they would have only 12 minutes there. They each played 2 games and I collected two wayward tokens.


We dropped off the kids at 8:40 PM and then headed for the fire station. My brother is a firefighter. He called this morning to say he had his first set of house plans and we were anxious to see them. He and his wife bought property in Tehachipi 10 years ago. They met with a builder / architect last month and now have their first concept drawing. He was excited. Is house building as contagious as Penny Fever?

Total: 22 Coins P (17), N (2), D (2), Q (1) = $0.72 + 2 Chuck E Cheese tokens

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Is house building as contagious as Penny Fever?