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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day #639 - Poolside

This morning I hopped out of bed eager to finish the pond painting project (and get it over with)! I approached the pond with paint and brushes - only to find 1” of water at the bottom of the pond. I hadn’t thought about turning off the sprinklers last night. So for the fifth time I sucked water out of that pond.


Doc decided the delay was the Penny Angels way of giving him a coffee break - so off we went in search of coins and coffee. I suggested a quick walk through “fast food alley”. As I walked around the various eatery parking lots, I probably looked like a bag lady in search of food. My clothing had holes and stains all over them, there was mud on my chest (from dog paws), my hair was unkempt, and the shoes where really pathetic. Oh well, I found my penny at KFC. (Coin #1). Doc found a dime at the 99¢ store parking lot in front of the van (Coin #2).

The line at Starbucks was long, so while Doc waited, I searched for coins at the nearby gas station. Doc collected a penny and a nickel under the pay window, then a penny in front of the van. He used Sparky as a “chick magnet” to divert the attention of the cashier. (Coins #3-5)

We returned home to work on some other projects. Doc read the instructions on the Pool Paint. It said not to apply in direct sun. Doc was reading the Sunday paper and spotted a sale on shade canopies at a local discount store. Off we went to buy one. The first store had run out of the canopies, but Doc found a penny at the soda vending machine. (Coin #6).

We ventured off to a second store to get the sought-after shade canopy. Also got a penny in the coin return of a soda machine and a penny which had been waxed into the floor. (That’s what pocket multi-tools are good for). (Coins #7&8).


By the time we returned home and worked on new house designs for a little while, the pond was shaded and we didn’t need the new canopy! I painted the pond edges under the rocks while Doc painted the walls of the pond. We were laughing at our “Sunday afternoon in the pool”. There was the final unpainted patch where Doc had been standing. He climbed out of the pond then laid on his belly to paint that area. I lay next to him to hold the paint tray. We were laughing saying “Our Sunday afternoon and we are literally Laying Around the Pool”!

Total: 8 Coins P (6), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.21

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