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Thursday, September 16, 2010

THREE Quarters

Food for thought:

On June 6, Doc and I attended a workshop by Charles Filius. He is a medium. It was an exercise in developing the intuitive/spiritual side vs. logical side of our brains. Charles gave reading to each of the six persons in the workshop. With each of the other persons, he felt the presence of a departed energy and was able to provide information which seemed to be accurate for those persons.

When Charles got to me he did not feel a departed presence. His first ‘vision’ was of 3 quarters for me. “Either 3 quarters on Consecutive Days, or consecutive years on them. But something says 3 Consecutive Quarters is important. THOSE WILL MARK A VALIDATION POINT FOR YOU. You will know you are on the right track at that point.”

That ‘insight’ was one of several and I dutifully wrote down notes to see if any of the ‘weird stuff’ would ever occur.


Reminder: Tuesday (two days ago) was the day we presented our project plans to the two City Committees and got approval. Tonight as Doc and I were driving to our radio interview, we were commenting on the coins we had found today.

“Do you realize we have found quarters for THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS?” How unusual. And this Third Day marks the one year Anniversary from when we closed escrow - how special. And Tuesday would have been the first day -- a major milestone with the City approvals”. Wow. That is really weird. “Come to think of it, we Found THREE QUARTERS on that Milestone Day as well.”

Then we remembered the ‘vision’ of three quarters that Charles had for me and I went home to read my notes… (see above).

So what does that do to the logical side of YOUR brain?

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