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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day #628 - Vacation Day

For months Doc had been really looking forward to flying somewhere this summer for a week; getting away before beginning another year of teaching. He collected brochures from the Auto Club and has been browsing the travel sections of the newspaper.

In July and August we had the unexpected projects of the Duarte fix up, moving out of my Cal Poly Pomona office and the Chevy 38 Angel we met. The new house project, funerals, weddings, events and a few other commitments took the rest of our energy and suddenly we found ourselves in September.

Last night Doc and I looked at our calendar for the rest of this month and realized today might be the only day we could take as our “Summer Vacation!” before school starts. Since we had an appointment with a roofer this morning, we couldn’t even make it the entire day. We had been given two gift passes for Disneyland a few years ago which we had been too busy to use. We had not been to Disneyland in 15-20 years. It is only a 30 minute drive and we had free entry admission (it’s $74/person now), so this seemed like a good thing.


Yesterday I told the Penny Angels they would need to do some creative financing on the new house versus just providing pennies. Today the shuttle van dropped us at the entrance to Disneyland. As I hopped out, there was a lost debit card at my feet! Hmmm… How much is that worth?

Disneyland is known for its cleanliness and the non-stop team of street sweepers. It was tough to find any wayward coins. But we did.

There were so many people and KIDS everywhere.

There seemed to be a river of baby prams and crying munchkins. I had reached my saturation point with all the commotion and stopped to say hello to two beautiful little sparrows who were eating crumbs in a planter. Doc pointed out the two ducks also in the planter (sparrows on Steroids) and as I looked at them, I found today’s penny. (Coin #1). Thank you Penny Angels for this brief encounter.

Doc says we found a “Duck with Copper Penny” but we need a “Goose with a Golden Egg”!

The It’s a Small World attraction was a ride of Temptation and Torture. There were hundreds of coins of every denomination throughout the course. And some of the coins were easily within reach. It was tough not to just “collect” one or two of them. (Not allowed according to Penny Protocol.)

A few hours later I was voice recording the earlier penny find and as I began speaking, Doc spotted a penny in a corner of some crated items. (Coin #2). Then while waiting in line for the Thunder Mountain ride, there was some sort of dirt coated coin in the planter. (Coin #3). As we were leaving, we strolled through one of the arcades and found a “no cash value” game token.


On the way home Doc wanted a snack, so he stopped at McDonalds. He claimed he had worked up quite an appetite after logging over 15,000 steps on his pedometer today. Doc got a burger; I got two pennies in the drive through lane. (Coins #4&5).

Total: 5 Coins 5 Pennies + one token

I have my Prince, now I just need my Castle!

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