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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day #646 - Hard Stuff

Yesterday we dealt with Easy Stuff. Today we dealt with Hard Stuff - concrete.

We awoke at 5:15 on a Sunday morning. Uggh. Took 3 alarm clocks for that. We had promised son, Brian, that we would help him pour concrete today. Did not know that temperatures would be over 100 degrees when we set that appointment!

We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and coins. I didn’t see any coins, so I went walking while Doc waited at the window for his order. Didn’t find any coins at two fast food places, so at KFC, I said, “Please Penny Angels, one for Merril” (Since KFC is one of her favorite places). And I immediately found a penny in a parking spot. (Coin #1).

Meanwhile Doc collected his egg McMuffins plus a dime and a nickel! He said I overlooked them! (Coins #2&3). I guess they were meant for him.


We arrived at Brian’s house precisely at 7 AM as promised. For the first hour we hauled all the gear and bags of cement up the stairs and into the back yard. By then, we were all exhausted. At 8 AM we began mixing concrete. 25 batches. (That amounted to about 2/3 cu yd). Good practice for our Deer Creek house? I figure the driveway on that house will take 62 cu yds - that does not include the house foundation, garage slabs, patio, etc. Yikes! We will not mix that ourselves.

We poured the slab, finished the surfacing, cleaned all the tools, got the yard back in shape, and left their house feeling totally exhausted, but good about what had been accomplished.


McDonalds stop on the way home. Burger for Doc; dime and three pennies for me. (Coins #4-7). As we were driving away from McDonalds, I was voice recording that coin find. Doc pulled into traffic when I said “Coin!”. So he made a U-turn and we went back for it. I had to wait for several cars to pass (one of which ran over the penny) before I could rescue the poor little guy. (Coin #8).


Tonight Doc is preparing for his lectures, while I am preparing things for the architect and subcontractors. Sure to be an exciting week ahead.

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.30

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