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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day #633 - Tomorrow

My focus was on the new house.

Up until 4 AM working on sketches for wall trims, kitchen cabinets.

Investigating medicine cabinets and faucets, editing the truss designs, etc.

This morning we made real quick stops at the bank and post office. Then we took a return item to Target. There was a beautiful shiny penny on the dark blue carpet as I walked in the store. Then Doc found a penny at the food station. (Coins #1&2).

We had a few extra minutes before our 1 PM meeting, so we went Penny Hunting in the Vons grocery store. Nothing inside, but Doc collected a Crack dime as we exited the store. (Coin #3).

After that, we were stopped at a red traffic light. Doc looked to his left. “Coin!” He dove for it, then dove a second time. (Coins #4&5). Doc was back in his seat belt, and the car was back in gear before the signal turned green. Wish he would move at even half that speed on my “Honey Do” items!


Our meeting went from 1-3:20. We were having a great time brainstorming about topics for this Thursday night’s radio talk show. Then realized we had a 3:30 meeting across town! Yikes! Scramble!

The next hour was spent with a concrete sub. He was loaded with information and will now work on an estimate for us. We will also see if he has any suggestions for reducing costs.


Tomorrow is the BIG day in going before the City. We have a 3 PM meeting with the Technical Review Committee and then a 7 PM appearance with the Design Review Committee. I feel like Annie in the Musical saying: “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you Tomorrow, you’re only a day away …”

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14


Mandy said...

Hey Miss Pennyfinder!
What talkshow are you talking about???
How do you fit all this into one day!
Hee hee

PennyFinders said...

Radio Talk Show:
A Better way to Build

How to do it all?
Good vitamins, Kanine Kisses, Penny Angels ...