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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day #634 - Proposal Accepted

After 4 months of revising our proposed project plans to please the various City agencies, today we received the OK to proceed. We may now develop detailed construction plans.

Our focus was totally on the new house, and the Penny Angels were encouraging us throughout the day. I had the opportunity to share the Penny Finders story with at least a dozen people.


This morning Doc’s first stop was at Kaiser for an A1-C blood test. He didn’t find a coin there, so he stopped at a self-serve car wash to look. He found a penny there. (Coin #1).

The layer of dust on my pickup truck was really thick and I have a considerable drive tomorrow morning, so I headed to the car wash. Handed over the keys and then wandered the lot for coins. Found two pennies. (Coins #2&3). While waiting I went next door to get some birthday balloons. Found a quarter and a dime. (Coins #4&5) Doc says I should not be rewarded while buying gifts for another man!

I returned to the car wash to pay and collected a dime in the waiting area. (Coin #6)


Although the focus was on the new house, we made a quick trip to Cal Poly Pomona. I did clear out of my office by the end of August - except for my computer. Today I went back for that last item. It was sad to see my former office shut down.

Doc needed a ‘snack’, so a quick drive through McDonalds. He got a burger, I got a quarter and a dime at the window, then a penny in a deep puddle. (Deep puddle diving). (Coins #7-9).

Doc and I headed for our meeting with the City. Just as we arrived in the parking lot, a call came in regarding potential renters for our Duarte townhouse. Eeks! Not a good time to talk, but that is important too!


At 3 PM we had our session with the Technical Design Committee. More details about the house on the Special Bulletin for today.

We were out of the meeting by 3:35 and then had some design time in the lobby with our architect. There was no sense driving all the way home, so we went for lunch/dinner. Then we had 45 minutes with our son at his office. (He also looked at Doc’s cut finger and determined that stitches were not needed). Then we went to Lowe’s for some pond paint (Thursday’s project).


At 7 PM we had our session with the Design Review Committee. Lots of fun. I passed out several Penny Cards and told them the story. We now have completed the planning phase of this project and have the OK to proceed. More details about the house on the Special Bulletin.


After that we went out to the new property to just enjoy the moment. On the way back to the freeway Doc stopped at 7-11 for a beverage (really to hunt for coins). I collected a penny, dime and quarter from under the counter plus a penny outside near our van. (Coins #10-13). Doc found two pennies in the gas pumping area (Coins #14&15) along with a plastic dime.


We stopped at the grocery store for some ice cream. No coins. We were having fun. We stopped at 7-11 to tell Tony about our day. He was on the phone. A customer was at the counter standing on a penny! Of course when he walked away, I took the penny. And the one from under the chips rack also. (Coins #16&17).


We were still hoping to find a nickel, so just before getting home I walked through the KFC drive up window. No nickels, merely 4 pennies and a dime (Coins #18-22)


Total: 22 Coins P (14), N (0), D (5), Q (3) = $1.39 + one plastic dime

I can’t help but wonder about this Penny Finding streak. How long will it last?

Is the lesson “One Day at a Time?” Like the manna from Heaven?

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