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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day #1,251 - Shattered

I never realized how attached I am to my computer and email.  While packing things in my office it seems every few minutes I was turning my head to look at the computer screen, but there was merely an empty spot there.

Doc collected one penny at McDonalds where he went for breakfast.  Then he stopped for a coffee at the Bad Ass Coffee Company where he also found a penny.  I walked next door to the pharmacy, grocery store and other areas.  No coins found.  Not a good start for the day.

Today’s main objective was to get internet, phone and cable service operating at the Penny Palace.  The appointment with the installers was from 10-12.

Doc and I packed up boxes and many delicate items for transport to the Penny Palace.  We arrived at 8:55 a.m. to give us time to unpack the van before the service company arrived.  However, they arrived at 9 a.m.!  Armando walked around looking at things.  He told us we did not have the right connections in the wall outlets and would need to have our electrician run the proper wiring.  That shattered my expectations.

While the tech and Doc were going over some things, I carried in the box with our wedding cake top and toasting glasses.  The box contents were rattling!  My heart sank.  I opened the box to find my prized pieces shattered.  I wanted to cry at that moment.
Shattered Glass

The communications tech went outside to look at things. He reported that we did not have lines running to the house yet.  Duh!  That is why I called a year ago to ask what we needed to do.  And again a few months ago, and again a few weeks ago…  He said their first appointment for undergrounding would be at least two weeks from now.  Two weeks without internet after I had made several calls to ensure things would be ready?  I was not pleased.  Going without Penny Tales for that long?  I was shattered.  He suggested I call a supervisor with my notes in hand.  So when I got home this afternoon I pulled out my journal and called.  Now, we are expecting installation to begin tomorrow at 8 a.m.  That’s faster.  However, Thursday and Friday were to be my packing days. The movers are scheduled for Saturday.  Can’t be in both houses at the same time.

Doc was very sweet the entire day.  He could see that I was not very happy.  He connected my computer and printer so that I can write Penny Tales, I just can’t post them.

This afternoon Doc was getting hungry and grumpy.  We stopped on the way home for a Chinese lunch.  Found a dime and a penny.

This evening Doc had a coffee date with one of his former students and current colleagues.  One penny found there.

Toasted Doc
I was at home trying to pack things in my office.  The tension kept growing.  Don’t know what to do with all the stuff.  Where to put it all?  Too much stuff.  Can’t put it all in boxes, ‘cause then it would not be readily accessible when needed. Not enough time or energy to figure it all out.  I grabbed a puppy dog, curled up in a ball, laid in the middle of the floor and just had a good cry.  Weary and tired of the details.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Then I thought of a half dozen people I know who have been (or are currently) involved in situations which are truly overwhelming (Loss of a spouse or child, medical issues, foreclosures, abandonment, loss of a job, etc.)  Boy was that good for an Attitude Adjustment!

Total:    5  Coins        P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14 

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JR said...

Hey, Doc started the day with his two cents worth.

That Dell that keeps telling me you'll be back in July could be put to use at a Starbucks for tale publishing.