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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day #1,244 - Progress

There was progress in many areas today and only a few minor glitches.

This morning I had an 8 a.m. meeting with the Gardener at Rental House #1.  I stopped for petrol on the way.  Was dismayed - no coins found.  I wondered if the Penny Finding would cease when we got City Sign Off.  That has not been the case so far.

The gardener and I were meeting to discuss the removal of a tree stump by the front door of the rental house.  Mr. Tran said he could not do that.  Rats!  I noticed the grass in the front yard was dead, whereas the grass in the back yard was very green. That called for further investigation….  One by one we activated the sprinkler lines and checked each head.  As I walked to the garage side of the house, there were 2 shiny pennies in the driveway.  A few minutes later I spotted another and another.  I carefully looked all around the driveway (it’s only three cars wide) and the alleyway.  All clear of coins.  I went back to the front of the house to check the next sprinkler line.  Back to the garage area where I found two more pennies?  Went back and forth another time and returned to find a dime and a quarter.  WOW!  How could they just appear like that?  While I was waiting for Mr. Tran to fix another broken head I glanced back at the driveway. There was another penny there.  I counted the coins in my pocket - eleven.  So I said “OK Angels.  You are so close.  How about one more to make a dozen for a Coin Mine?”  Within moments there were TWO more pennies.  (Coins #1-13).  I don’t know what you are thinking, but if I didn’t know ME like I do, I’d think this story was made up!
Putting Away the Stemware

At 10:15 I met Maribel to do some packing and cleaning.  We began at our current (Pomona) house and packed up all the crystal glasses and china plates.   We transported them to the Penny Palace.  We cleaned out cabinets and put things nicely away.  The glasses look quite pretty in the new cabinet.  It was great to return home tonight with all those empty boxes just waiting to be filled again.

Miguel Applying Stucco Sealer
Miguel and Serafin appeared unexpectedly this afternoon.  They sealed that latest wall on the patio; completing all their work. I will really miss those guys.

Doc had an 11 a.m. meeting at the cabin with an HVAC guy to look at the furnace.  Doc stopped at the Starbucks at the base of the mountain for a coffee and his penny for the day.  On the way home, Doc and Sparky detoured to the Penny Palace for a quick visit.  Doc said Sparky was racing through the house until he spotted Doc's desk and the rolling black chair  (which is Sparky's chair).  Doc said he could see the confusion - Like "what is our chair doing HERE?"

This evening I have cleared the cookware out of our oven.  We use the oven only 2-3 times a year, so for 30 years it has mostly served as an additional cupboard.  Hopefully that is about to change.

Total:    14  Coins        P (12), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.47

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