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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day #1,231 - Oak Railing

Let’s make this brief tonight - I need to prepare for the Slagle Brothers who will be here in a few hours.

I was on site by 7:35 a.m. this morning to work with Handyman George and two of his guys.  First task was to shorten the straight section of handrailing which came with the spiral staircase kit.  Next task was to hang that ceiling fan which I took from the current house to the new house.  George had the mounting plate ready to go.  I moved the motor housing box and in doing so, knocked over the box with all the glass pieces!  Three of the five light fixtures were totally shattered.  Let’s just say I was ‘perturbed’.

George had to leave for a few hours, so he said I should keep the other two guys occupied.  Hmm… I had them moving some boxes and then pulling weeds in the back yard. That kept them busy for 30 minutes. 

Today I caulked around the fireplace, organized some things in the garage, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  I even cleared a few of the pantry shelves of tools and construction materials.  Eventually I will get that pantry cleaned out enough to put food in there.  But to be honest, I would rather have my construction tools there close at hand and put the cooking utensils and appliances (which I use less often) out in the garage!

Project Manager, Daryl and his wife, Daniela visited.  She had not seen the house since last year, so was admiring all the changes.

When George returned, the guys installed the oak handrail on the stairs and adjusted each of the spindles.  Nice to get those pieces off the floor.  They have been moving back and forth from one section of the house to the other.

I locked up the Penny Palace at 4:45 and headed for Home Depot.  I carefully searched the checkout area three times for coins.  Finally I said, “Look here Angels.  I am not going anywhere else tonight and with all the poopy things happening today, I am running out of patience.  If you want a Penny Tale today, then you need to deliver Here and Now!”  Within 60 seconds I spotted a penny in the dirt pile which someone had swept into a corner, but not yet cleaned away.  (Coin #1)

This evening I assembled another garment cart.  I don’t know why I thought my 8 LF of clothing would fit on a 2 ft rolling rack.   The dust bunnies at the bottom of the closet were gross.  Fortunately the replacement brush bar for the broken vacuum arrived today.  Thus, I repaired the unit and was once again able to suck dirt.

While cleaning out the closet I found a penny, then a nickel, then two quarters.  Of course I asked the Angels for a dime to complete the “Hit for the Cycle”.  There was dime under the next plastic bag I moved.   Cute.  Coins found in pockets, purses, closets, etc. are not legitimate finds since they are already your coins, but it was fun.

The Slagle Brothers will be here in the morning to disassemble the closet organizer my brother made, cut it to fit and then install it at the Penny Palace. (More a sentimental thing, than a logical or economical decision).

I need to get back to work and then start packing.  Doc has 360 pages of midterms to grade this weekend, so we are going to take those to the cabin tomorrow to grade them.  Less distractions there: no TV, no computers, no Penny Palace files, no phones … just birds and the opportunity to focus on the task at hand.

Total:  1 Penny

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