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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day #1,360 - Dragon Slayer

This morning Doc left early for an 8 a.m. coffee meeting with son Brian.  32 miles is a long way to drive for a coffee!  They ended up also going out for breakfast.  That gave me three good hours to get some things done.  I used the oven - for the third time!  I dried out some desiccant so when Doc returned home, we could put all our documents back into the fire safe.
Desiccant Baking

I attacked several problem areas.  The items under the work table in the Family Room got put in various places.  Then I finished off the items under the staircase.  There was a box of clothing pieces I had sewn over the years and couldn’t yet part with.  There were the original drawings of the “someday” house which I designed 30 years ago as my senior project and other assorted “hard-to-part-with” stuff.  I felt as though I had finally slain that dragon.  (Which goes along with the Dragon's Lair sign which has been posted on the lawn shed since it was built).

I spent an hour reviewing the purchase order for the window coverings.  I think that project is good to proceed.

Pile is Gone!

Two hours were spent on Open House and Potluck invitations. One large batch is ready to mail out.

When Doc got home, he agreed to spend 30 minutes sorting through his Social Security and Medicare files.  Gosh it was great to get those organized.

At 6:30 we headed out to do the weekly grocery shopping and find today’s coins.  One penny found at the first grocery store; none at the next two stores.  I was not satisfied with merely one coin, so I walked through the Carl’s Jr. drive up window and found two pennies in the drive area.

Total:  3 Pennies

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