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Friday, September 28, 2012

Day #1,379 - Free Coffee

I had hoped to get so much more accomplished today. 

Video Assembly
Mandy arrived at 8:30 a.m. with her dog Sugar.  I grabbed Sparky and the four of us went for a quick walk.  One-third the way into the walk, Sparky decided he had gone far enough.  I had to carry him at that point.  That was probably a good thing when a few minutes later a coyote trotted past us on the other side of the street.

Headboard Assembly

The printer emailed around 10 a.m. with the final edits to the Walking Guidebook.  At 6:15 this evening he called to say they were ready for pick up.  Not tonight. I’ll get them Monday.

Doc and I secured the Aussie headboard, then worked on the headboard lighting and wiring.  That took a few hours.  Then another few hours to polish the unit.  What I thought would take 2 hours, took 5-6 hours.  Ugghh.

Knee Guards

While I polished wood, Doc put foam on the wood corners of our bed frame.  That should make it a little softer when we hit our knees on those.

Layer of Lint
We worked on 3-4 months worth of photos for the video we are assembling.  There is a long way to go on that project.

By 7:30 I was drenched in sweat, tired and grumpy. I needed a break. So Doc and I headed out to mail more invitations and find today’s coin.  I noticed the drive up window at Jack’s looked fairly empty.  So we pulled over and I searched the driveway where I found two pennies and a dime.  (Coins #1-3).  Meanwhile Doc collected a nickel near the gas pumps.  (Coin #4)

Next we headed to the grocery store to get 4 cases of water and 10 cases of sodas for the first two potlucks.  That’s a lot of lifting.  One dime there.  (Coin #5)

Earlier today Doc had found three pennies when he got his breakfast and redeemed his Free Coffee coupon.  (Doc #1-3)

Total:  8 Coins        P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.30 

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