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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day #1,380 - Saturday 7

Aussie Artifacts

Spent much of the day working on the Penny Palace Video.  We reduced Doc’s initial selected batch of photos down to 425 photos.  Tomorrow we will attempt to make them into a video with music.

This afternoon Gardener Raul mentioned that plants in some areas of our yard are dying and in other areas they are being overwatered.  So we spent an hour with him trying to figure out which sprinkler valves controlled which zones and then how to adjust the run times.  That was an unexpected detour.

Sprinkler Checks
Doc had a craving for steak, so around 6:30 we went for a buffet dinner.  I found one penny on the floor by the cash register.  (Coin #1)

We needed some supplies, so our next stop was at a home improvement store.  One penny in the electrical aisle.  (Coin #2)

Doc had a sore throat and was not feeling very well.  We stopped at the pharmacy store for some throat lozenges.  As we entered, I collected one US penny, then a Canadian penny.  There was third penny near the soda display.  (Coins #3-5)  I was standing in  the check-out line looking around.  No coins within sight.  I moved up to make my purchase and suddenly there was a gleaming penny a few feet away!  Mushroom coin (Coin # 6).

Doc likes the number 7, so I said, “we just need one more coin”.  When we arrived home, I noticed the penny which Doc had found earlier in the day.   That made 7 coins.

The highlight of the day was when we hung our prized boomerang award.

Total:  7 Coins        P (6), N (0), D (0), Q (0) + one Canadian Penny = $0.06 + ?

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