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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day #1,367 - Finding Angels

Invitation Delivery

Doc and I had a 7:30 a.m. “date”.  He agreed to drive me down to the far end of the street and dump me there. I would walk back to the house and deliver Potluck invitations at each of the houses along the way. Most of them had 10-12 steps to the front door, so it proved to be quite a good workout for me.  Meanwhile Doc went to Subway to fetch our breakfasts.  We returned home within one minute of one another!  Some couples dance in harmony, we ??? in harmony.

Numerous neighbors have said that they enjoy the update banners which I have posted on the front of the house.  It had been several weeks since I posted one and people were asking if that meant we were ALL moved it? Hardly!  Thus it was time to whip out another banner.  This one reads: “FOUND: Grand Room Floor.  Others Still in Hiding”.

Sign Painting
Next Doc wanted some Garage Time.  So we assembled some metal shelves and tackled a few more items out there.

Last night I addressed an Open House invitation for “Walking Dick” whom we met on Sign Off Day.  Although I have seen him walk past the house numerous times since that day, what were the chances that I would happen to be looking out the window just when and if he walked past the next time?  I needed some Angel assistance (COINcidence stuff).  This morning Doc and I were working with the garage door open when Doc said, ”Look behind you. Dick is walking past the house!”  That was less than 24 hours since I submitted my Angel Request.

Early afternoon Doc and I headed out.  He needed a coffee.  I found two pennies inside the 7-11 store.  (Coins #1&2) We got back into the van and Doc said, “Aren’t you even going to look around the parking stalls?”  I replied with an adamant “NO!!!  It is hot out here.  I DO NOT want to look.  I DO NOT want to find more coins today. I DO NOT want to have to write today!”  Doc accepted that and put the van in reverse.  He had moved 2 ft. when I said, “DA^^^!  STOP!  There is a penny outside my window!”  I hopped out to collect the penny and there was another one in a planter also within reach.  (Coins #3&4)  Sometimes those Penny Angels are really annoying.

Delivered more Open House invitations to the post office. A quick pass through McDonald’s provided lunch as well as a dime and a penny.  (Coins #5&6)


In the afternoon I worked on the invitations for the Solar Car Team Reunion, then Penny Tales.

At 6 p.m. we headed out for our Sunday night grocery shopping ritual.  There was a run over nickel in the crosswalk of the busy street before we got to the freeway  (Coin #7)  Then we collected a dime and two pennies inside one grocery store with an additional penny in the parking lot.  (Coin #8-11)


It was 1 a.m. and I was washing dishes.  There was a “nudging” to dry my hands and go on-line to look up hours for a store I planned to visit tomorrow.  Got distracted searching for ‘elf’ costumes for the Elf Quarters.  All the elf props and costumes seemed to be Christmas green and red colors (especially the pointy shoes). My elves are year round workers - not just Christmas help.  And almost all the costumes were in adult sizes.  (My elves are only 30-36” tall. 

I searched many websites.  I finally gave up and said, “OK Finding Angels, help me find the right Elf Attire”.  The next site on which I landed had the usual costumes.  But then I found a Kid’s Elf Suit in Green and Gold (Cal Poly Pomona colors)!  And the shoes were black!  It was a clearance item with the price marked down from $58 to $17.  It is scheduled to arrive in 3 days.  How’s that for Angel service?

Total:  11 Coins        P (8), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.33

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