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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day #1,366 - Sizzlin' Saturday

This morning as Doc and I headed to breakfast, I delivered an invitation to a neighbor for the upcoming Neighborhood potluck.  There was a nickel as I hopped out of the van!  Strange place for it to be found.  That started the day well.  (Coin #1)

We had breakfast at a local airport diner (Maniac Mike’s), then stopped at the bank and post office (to mail out more invitations).

Doc asked me where I wanted to stop to fuel the van?  I replied, “a station which will have coins for me”.  While Doc fuelled the vehicle, I searched the pumping area, then the convenience store. I only found one penny.  (Coin #2).  The receipt function on the gas pump was not working, so Doc had to go inside the store to obtain one.  He emerged with a receipt - as well as a nickel, dime and quarter!  His question, “So why did you only take the penny?”  Because I did not see the other coins?  Hit for the Cycle in ONE spot!  (Coins #3-5)

Oldies, but Goodies
We proceeded to the Pomona house where we took down the artifacts from Doc’s office wall.  After that we headed home.  At noon a billboard displayed a temperature reading of 101 F.  We reassembled the collage in Doc’s new office.  Looks great to me.  Kids today don’t’ even know what a slide rule or abacus is!
Pedicure Time

This morning Sparky caught his dew claw Doc’s sock, so it was time for nail trimming (it had been three months).  We took two of the dogs to the pet store and BOTH of them behaved well this time! Miracles never cease.

After that Doc went into recovery mode.  (He watched a football game for a few hours).  I filed away loan documents and other projects.

The evening was spent working on more invitations, RSVPs and details for the upcoming functions.

Total:  5 Coins        P (1), N (2), D (1), Q (1) = $0.46

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