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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day #1,364 - Busy Bees

Slideshow Work

For the first part of the day I worked on numerous minor tasks, the Open House Program, and various invitations and databases.

Doc continued his work on the slide show, then went to campus.

At 4 p.m. I headed off to hand-deliver some of the Open House invitations to the plumber, cabinet guy, and City People.  I think the City employees were most surprised that they would be included in a Housewarming Party.  I spent a few minutes in a bulk supply grocery store to get ideas for the event foods.  Thankfully there was one penny there.
Painting Base of Spiral Staircase

Within an hour I was back at home working on more invites and the Program.  After a while I needed a break, so I delivered a few more of the Neighborhood Potluck flyers.  That is one heck of a steep climb up our street.

I painted the base plate of the spiral stairs in anticipation of the scheduled work session tomorrow morning.

Busy Bees flitting from one project to another.

Total:  1 Penny

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