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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day #1,381 - Helping Hands

Door Wreath

This morning Doc and I tried to create a video from the photos we had selected.  After several unproductive hours, we were both frustrated.  Doc went out for food, I cried, sent two emails to friends I thought might help, and then attacked a few boxes.  One friend did call back and gave Doc some pointers.

Doc has a sore throat and has been coughing and sneezing all day.  This afternoon he just wanted to sleep.  But Fil had emailed and offered video advice, so Doc spent a few hours organizing the photos and trying to figure things out.

Wood Polishing
At 2 p.m. our friend Lita arrived to help me prepare the house for the upcoming events.  She oiled all the dining chairs, polished the wood tables and helped hang the front door wreath.   Then we created a poster of the neighborhood layout so guests could put indicators showing their house.  We assembled more Open House invitations and Neighborhood flyers.  It was over 100 degrees today, but we headed out for 45 minutes and delivered the remaining invitations.  Good to get those finished - especially since that event is just 10 days away.   It was really nice to have her loving pre’cents’ and helping hands.

In order to find today’s coin I needed to get out of the house.  At 7:30 Doc and I headed out.  Doc said we should stop at the 7-11 store and look there.  We found 5 pennies and 2 dimes in the gas pumping and parking areas.  (Coins #1-7)

For dinner we visited an El Pollo Loco drive up window.  Doc had to get out of the van to “get to his wallet”.  (Which he keeps in his back pocket). He also bent over to collect a dime and two pennies. (Coins #8-10)

Doc had a craving for beef jerky, so we stopped at a convenience store.  We collected four pennies there.  (Coins #11-14)

Doc had also collected a nickel when he went to McDonalds for lunch. (Coin #15)

Total:  15 Coins        P (11), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = $0.46

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