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Monday, September 7, 2009

Day #262 - Good Times / Wrong Shoes

Just put in a 9-hour work session at the cabin. Tired and achy. But it is the good sort of ache where you actually have something to show at the end of the day.

Today’s Penny Findings were done in numerous locations. No Coin Mine like Saturday.

We were headed to the cabin for a work session. Stopped for fuel just around the corner from home. Doc found one penny by the van where I had just walked. I found another one over by the vacuum hoses. (Penny’s #1&2)

Needed to return items to the Thrift Store, but it was closed. Walked through the Dino’s Chicken and Burgers instead. Gumblobs galore - and one penny. (Penny #3). We were laughing saying how bold this was - visiting a new fast food place! J

The Starbucks we visited Saturday paid off quite nicely, so we stopped there before getting on the freeway. Nothing! Nothing at the McDonalds next door either. L

On the way up the mountain we again were stopped at the end of the offramp when Doc said “Anything on your side honey? Nothing here”. I replied “Penny on my side”. (Penny #4 - Foregone one).

We could not resist stopping at the Starbucks - for coins. Nothing at this one today. Wow! TWO dry Starbucks. I walked over to the convenience store and the Del Taco while Doc used the restroom. I found another embed. (Penny #5). Finally two pennies as Doc pulled up to fetch me (Pennies #6&7).

We arrived at the cabin to find a bright shiny new log cabin penny on the table. A gift from our guests who were there the past two nights. Nice touch. (Planted Penny).

We made a run to ACE Hardware for threshold parts. I searched the store several times for coins. Just as we were leaving Doc said, “There is a penny wedged in the crack of the threshold!” Cute. (Coin #8)

We were having a blast just working/playing together. Doc started getting sentimental and asking “Do you remember what we were doing 28 years ago at this time?” My reply, “Not really. Would you remind me?” He said, “Driving to Oklahoma in a tiny yellow Honda Civic which was just slightly larger than a Matchbox car. Two kids in the back seat. Luggage strapped on the back with a bike rack. You were going to meet my parents.” How could I have forgotten that long drive and heat and kids and bugs and … J. Things haven’t changed all that much. Same house, same spouse, a car that is still not much more than a Matchbox car. No parents now, but still gaga for one another and the two boys.

As we were shutting down the cabin, Doc indicated a blister or something which had been irritating his foot. He pulled off his shoe and uttered an explicative. My first thought was “Wow, that must be something interesting - or did he maybe find a coin?” He found a dime! We had a good laugh. There have been 2-3 times where I put a penny in my shoe, yet found a dime there instead at the end of the day. Doc does not put coins in his shoe as a I sometimes do. He keeps his coins downstairs on the counter, and his shoes upstairs when he is not wearing them. Very strange. We laughed that the Penny Angels got in our closet, but put the coin in the wrong shoes! ;-) (Coin #9) Such fun.

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (6) + D (1) + 1 embedded penny + 1 foregone = $0.18
+ a planted 1¢

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