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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day #256 - A Second Opinion

The idea of a new vehicle with working lights, gadgets, cup holders and even a rear view camera was quite appealing and that test drive last night had me daydreaming…. But I am more practical (and cheap). My little truck may be 17 years old, but she only has 84,000 miles

and should have at least 50,000 more miles in her. So I took her to one mechanic. He said if it needed a new transmission it could run $500 - $2000, but that was not his area of expertise so we should call Leo at Remac. We did. Over the phone Leo said if the transmission needed rebuilding, it would be around $1,000. Perhaps though, it could be merely a bushing. We should try bringing in the truck. We did. He called at 2 p.m. saying. “Truck is ready, merely a bushing, $90 and you are good to go for quite a long while yet!” “YES!” That Second Opinion was sure a good one.


This morning on the way to school Doc made his requisite McDonalds run. He got breakfast; I got a penny and a quarter. (Coins #1&2)

Doc dropped me at work and then spent his day in “retirement mode”. He went to WalMart for some supplies. A penny when he first walked in by the Check out lines and then a penny in electronics (Coins #3&4). At Circle K he bought a lottery ticket and picked up two pennies (Coins #5&6). At Trader Joe’s he found a quarter in the parking lot (Coin #7). He took a nap, fed the dogs, had dinner, etc. until I got home at 8:30 PM. Tough schedule. ;-) Actually, he needed that after he worked super hard this past weekend. It all balances out.


Update on the Deer Creek lot: The escrow company Still doesn’t have the documents from the bank with the corrected property address. We aren’t worried. We have had plenty of things to keep us busy this past week. All in good time.

Total for the day: 7 coins: Q (2), P (5) = $0.55

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