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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day #284 - Things Unseen

What a nice day today. Great weather and things just seemed to flow well. By mid afternoon neither Doc nor I had found any coins. So I announced to my co-worker that I was going for a walk and should be back in about 10 minutes with my coins. It took 12 minutes. I walked quickly to the cafeteria area finding one penny at the Taco Bell when I walked in. No more coins throughout the whole place! Not like yesterday’s Easy Pickens. So I said “C’mon Angels. Surely there are more here”. I did a second lap and found a penny again at the Taco Bell. OK. God’s 2¢ worth.

I found one more penny while walking back to my office. Stopped to Share the JOY in the student study room. The room is usually totally packed at that time of day. There was no one in the room and the lights were out. Ominous sign. But I spotted a blob of some sort in a dark corner. It was a dime!


After work I dashed home to change clothes, turn on the air conditioner, feed the dogs and put out the house key. We were expecting guests from Australia. We had them take a taxi to our house since we needed to be at a scholarship awarding this evening.

The Scholarship Ceremony was wonderful. You would be so impressed with the accomplishments of all of these students. Many of them have already been traveling around the world and making a difference.

The recipient of our scholarship is double majoring in Aerospace Engineering (like Doc) and in Physics. I gave him a PennyFinders pen and an angel penny. He smiled and told us that when he was younger he received an angel penny and has kept it in a special place ever since. So this was a nice omen for him (as well as the $2,500 check and gold medallion). Oops! I forgot to get a picture. Rats!


When we arrived home this evening the house was dark, the house key was inside, and there was a note from our Aussie guests “We were so tired. See you in the morning.” Doc and I stood there in the kitchen and held hands in a moment of GRATEFULNESS. Three years ago when we returned from awarding the Scholarship that night, we came home to find our house flooding. Our world for the following nine months was altered at the moment. Tonight we came home to find weary travelers for whom we could provide shelter. How wonderful.

Lesson: Remember to be grateful for some of the things unseen.

Today’s Total: 4 coins P (3), D (1) = 13¢

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Mandy said...

Nice story! Great reminder for us to be grateful for things we don't see! Reminds me to keep the faith!