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Monday, September 21, 2009

Day #276 - Fun and Games

The Fall term began today at school. The University President kicked off the new year with his State of the University address. With the tremendous State funding issues, things are pretty serious around campus. It’s a good thing there are Penny Tales to Share the JOY!


Knowing that today would be a long and busy day, Doc suggested we Hunt at the Circle K before getting to campus. We did. Doc got coffee; I found one penny at the cold beverage cooler and another one at the back of the store by the ATM (Coins #1&2). That was Great! - God’s 2¢ worth for today.

The Penny Angels had some fun planned …


Early afternoon: I was leaving a fairly serious message for one of the campus VPs. Trying to be so strong and professional. J.R. (a co-worker) walked in while I was leaving the message. He plopped a collection of coins wrapped in a paper towel and left! Lots and lots of coins. I had this image of a caveman with his kill. “Me Hunter! Me Done Good!” I burst out laughing in the middle of my business call. So much for seriousness. J

Since J.R. shares a common office wall with me, by now he is seriously infected with Penny Fever. At first he would not tell me His Story, but I insisted. He found all these coins on the mirror shelf in the men’s bathroom! I don’t’ mean just a dozen coins, but 58 coins! Coin mine. Indirect Finds. As we counted the coins there were: 3 dimes, 11 nickels, and 44 pennies! WOW! $1.29


Later this afternoon: I had a project to re-install some window panels. Had been putting it off all summer figuring it would take me 2 hours and I just didn’t want to do it. Last week a student offered to get 5-6 guys together and take care of the job. Today he unexpectedly came into my office and said they were beginning to work, did I want to guide them or say anything? I really didn’t plan for that interruption, but went anyhow. Glad I did. It was a wonderful 10-15 minutes. As they installed the panels, we spoke of Penny Tales J We were all laughing and talking and the job was quickly finished. Shared JOY! Tonight one of the students thanked me for that time. J

Lesson: Life’s little detours can be fun instead of frustrations or delays in my schedule.


This evening I arrived home around 11:45 PM to find another one of Doc’s Love Notes on the table. I am reading it with you right now as I am typing to you. Let’s see what the man has to say…

He needed more steps so went to walk at the CVS store. Saw coke and lotto machine with maybe a nickel behind a magazine rack. Got down on one knee to retrieve a quarter. At the back of store found a penny when taking Blood Pressure reading. (Coins #3&4)

He exited the CVS and walked to find a penny at the ATM. A person was using the machine, so he kept walking. He walked around the building to return and swoop up Coin #5 despite the person using the adjacent machine.

Next he walked in the cool grocery store. There was a very shiny penny under the ATM. (Coin #6) Again it was a one-knee retrieval. He had wanted to buy some plums, but the lines were too long. As he was leaving the store, he spotted a penny at the last register. He went back to get plums so that he could pick up Coin #7 while making the purchase.

This man has a serious case of Penny Fever. His actions are financially unsound.

He retrieved a penny (Coin #8) while getting dinner at the Jack-in-the-Box drive through.

Today’s Total: 8 coins P (7), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = 32¢

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