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Monday, September 28, 2009

Day #283 - Easy Pickens

Lots of coins found today - but not by Doc. He returned home from Starbucks this morning as a very frustrated man. He spotted a dime, but it was lodged within the grating of a food display cabinet and could not be retrieved. Foregone Coin.


Around 3:30 this afternoon at work I decided to take a walk since I had been sitting at the computer for too long. Now that the cafeteria area is open again, it does make the coin finding much more likely to happen. (Target Rich Environment).

Within 5 minutes and a few hundred steps I collected:

2 (P), 1 (D), 1 (Q) at Taco Bell (spotted immediately as I was walking in the door)

1 Shiny (P) under the feet of a guy eating lunch. SHARED Penny Tales w/him.

1 (D) Carl’s Jr.

1 (P) at the muffin counter

1 (P) at Panda Express. In the middle of a white tile floor with 20+ people standing around it

Decided to approach the Carl’s Jr. from the other direction. 4 (P), 1(D), 1 (Q) SHARED the story with 3 Fraternity Guys in line.

So 9 (P), 3 (D), 2 (Q) at that stop. Where are all those nickels from last week?


I said’ “Penny Angels how about a nickel to ‘Hit for the Cycle?’” As I said that, a plastic bottle rolled across my path. Yes, there is a 5¢ redemption value on those, so I guess that is close to what I requested. I would still, however, prefer the coin.


I ventured down to the Student Center with the intention of finding that nickel.

2 (P) at the convenience store

5 (P) at Subway

1 (P) at Sushi station

1 (P), 1 (D) in the dining tables area

1 (D) and 1 (Q) at Round Table Pizza.

I stopped to speak with a colleague. Told him about Penny Tales and my search for a nickel today. As he walked away from our discussion, I spotted 1 (P), 1 (N), and 1 (D) on a nearby table. (No, he did not leave those). Then there was 1 (P) on the next table! I called for my colleague to turn around and take note of those! We spoke for a moment, then he again departed. I walked a few steps back to the table and there were 2 (P) pennies there! I would swear I saw no one in my peripheral vision coming anywhere close to where we were standing. I asked the student at the closest table if he had seen anyone pass there within the previous 2 minutes? “No”. Mushroom Coins?

So 13 (P), 1 (N), 3 (D), 1 (Q) at that stop. At least there was one nickel.


As I was exiting the Dining Areas, there was a penny in my path. Then another one when I left the building. There were two in the game room and one on the side walk. (5 more pennies).


Doc called home at 9 PM to say he was leaving campus and planning to stop at McDonalds. Did I want anything? I told him “No thanks - and DO NOT get any more coins because I am trying to write today’s Penny Tale before you get home and be done with it!”

Doc just walked in here with his burger. He said Hi to the dogs, gave me a kiss -- and handed me five pennies. Evidently it took a few minutes to cook his burger so he got out and walked some steps around the van - collecting pennies as he walked. Penny Fever

Lesson? Not sure today. Nothing is coming through to me, what about you?

Today’s Total: 42 coins P (32), N (1), D (6), Q (3) = $1.72

+ one foregone coin = $1.82

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