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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day #271 - Closing Day

Property Update:

The realtor left a message saying the Deed had been recorded this morning, so I guess as of today we are the official owners of 5421 Canistel Avenue, Alta Loma, 91737 (for those of you who have been asking).

That was the purchasing stage - next is the Design Phase. Hope you’ll be part of this new adventure.


This morning there was the usual stop at Starbucks on the way to work. Two dimes. (Doc was happy to be finding silver again). (Coins #1&2)

This afternoon as we were driving down the freeway for our every-other-week Play Time with the Twins, I said out loud, “Penny Angels would you please provide at least one coin for each boy today? That would be fun for them”.

We picked up the kids and headed for the Metro station.

Nicholas looked behind the ticket kiosk and emerged with his coin - a dime! (Coin #3) Doc was happy to see more silver; I was saying “Angels, how about at least ONE penny today as well? It looks better on the Excel sheet to have a number in the penny column vs. a zero for the day.”

At Union Station, Doc found the first penny (Coin #4) at one of the newsstands.

We chose a new adventure - riding the subway.

We took the Red Line and emerged right in front of the Pantages Theatre. There were film reels on the walls and big cameras on display in the subway station. There was a colorful banner advertising the upcoming “Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. It might be fun to come back at Christmas time.

Brandon picked up a penny from right in the middle of one of the metro corridors. No one else seemed to have noticed it. (Coin #5).

We were all hungry, so dinner was anything we could find quickly. (Definitely not health food). Pizza place near the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Nick collected one penny at the register and then another one under an eating table. (Coins #6&7). He worked up quite an appetite (See photo). .

On the way back to the subway line, Brandon collected a penny (Coin #8) at the ticket kiosk. Then we spotted another one right in the middle of a major corridor at Union Station (Coin #9) Mushroom Penny.

Brandon entered a cute message on my cassette recorder, “and together we got a total of 16¢ with Teamwork!”

Lesson from the kid, “Teamwork Pays!”


At our last play session the kids had a coupon for some Chuck E Cheese tokens. We told them “next time” and they had not forgotten! The time was 8:10 when we exited the Gold Line Station and they were supposed to be home at 8:30. An estimated 8 minutes driving to CEC, then 10 minutes home would leave TWO minutes to play! They wanted to do it! We made it to CEC in about 6 minutes and they each got 2 tokens to play. Doc found one token (equal to 25¢). How do I count that?

The kids had a great time in those 4 minutes.

Lesson, “It’s not necessarily Quantity that is so important”. Half the fun was the craziness in trying to get there quickly, get the tokens, play the game, and get home on time!”

We returned the kids at 8:35 PM. (I had told Val 8:30 +/- 5 minutes). Perfect! Not a single, unused minute together.


Doc and I stopped at Whole Foods before getting back on the freeway - Doc for milk, me for roasted seaweed (a new snack I discovered yesterday). While I was hunting for salad, Doc was Penny Finding (Coin #10)

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (7), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.37 + one CEC token (25¢)

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Anonymous said...

I had 2 consecutive days, but struck out yesterday.

There are many more eating opportunities at the next stop, Hollywood and Highland. Not to mention Grauman’s Chinese Theater.