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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day #261 - "Our" Plans

Doc insisted upon going for breakfast before he would look at “our” house plan design. (I had written "My design" here, but Doc edited this text). ;-)

So off we went. At the restaurant after placing our order, Doc said, “Dark spot about 20 ft. behind you under a table”. It was Penny #1. As we left the restaurant I told Doc, “We have our penny, PLEASE can we go home and work on the new house stuff (not to mention other regular household tasks which have been neglected lately)?

Doc detoured to Circle K. As we walked up to the store, Doc said, “The sidewalk has just been hosed down, so there is no way to find any coins here.” I replied, “Wrong. Here’s one!” Then I walked a few parking spaces further to collect another penny. I walked back toward the store door and found a penny where a car had just pulled away. (Coins #2-4).

When we were racing solar cars, we used to have an expression that “Cracks Kill”. Today I was saying, “Cracks Pay”. As I said that, Doc looked in a crack to find a Penny! (Coin #5).

Then we spotted 2-3 more pennies deeply embedded in another crack. The cashier came out to see what we were doing. She thought it a little unusual that two people were using chopsticks to get things from the sidewalk in front of her store! I retrieved 4 pennies using those sticks! (Coins #6-9)

We finally went home and worked on the house plans. Around 6 pm Doc needed a break. Off we went to Starbucks. There was a dirt penny in the planter, then two dimes below the window. (Coins #10-12).

Doc wanted more steps today, so we headed to WalMart. Two pennies using one-knee retrievals under some shelving near the entrance. Then Doc saw something under the a shelving unit in the pharmacy area. When he bent down to collect it, it turned out to be kibble, but there was a penny further under and a nickel there as well! Then another penny at a check out lane as we were leaving. (Coins #13-17)

At the grocery store I hopped out of the van to spot a penny about 20 ft. away in the driving lane. Doc could not see it from his angel even though I was pointing to it. There was another penny by the entrance. (Coins #18&19)

We still needed a quarter to Hit for the Cycle, so I detoured through the laundrymat. Only a penny in the middle of the aisle. Then another one in the closest parking stall outside. (Coins #20&21)

At the grocery store while I was paying, Doc was retrieving the penny we had spotted upon entering, but the lane was busy at the time. Now that the lane was closed, Doc could claim a nice, shiny new log cabin penny. (Coin #22)

Today’s Total: 22 coins P (19), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.44

One Day at a Time.

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