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Friday, September 4, 2009

Day #259 - Go with the Flow

Today was spent with Norma (my friend who got married in Long Beach in June,

then moved away to Texas). We planned lunch, a photo session, dinner, and then time to review the wedding photos. We made a stop at WalMart for one or two ‘props’ to use in our photo shoot. We found a dime and penny after paying for our merchandise, then an additional penny moments later. (Coins #1-3)

We went for the afternoon photo session.

This was a fairly spontaneous plan, so of course, Norma did not have much in her suitcase appropriate to wear. I gathered several outfits together and a few props for us both to use. There were several ‘just right’ props which “manifested” and made the session even better! J

Suffice it to say that Norma deemed my wardrobe choices “too conservative” and she came up with other ideas on the spot. She said to relax and ‘go with the flow’. She says Doc will like HER choices more than he would have liked mine. ;-) (Doc did not know what Norma and I were doing today, but he will once he reads tonight’s Penny Tale!).

I arrived home just slightly after 10 PM to find one of Doc’s Love Notes on the Dining Table.

He had spent the day running errands and dealing with Penny Fever compounded by diarrhea.

To summarize his romantic ballad:

“Sparky and I found a dirt penny in the planter at Starbucks. Then 2 quarters and a dime at the window. (Coins #1-4 for Doc). Then we got a nickel and quarter at McDonalds (Coins #5&6) to complete a Hit for the Cycle.

“At the 99¢ Only Store I spotted a penny behind the cashier next to me, so I used my foot and scooted it over to my aisle where I could bend down and retrieve it.” (Smooth operator). (Coin #7)

“The next penny was outside a grocery store by the water machine. Very worn and chipped” (Coin #8)

“Then there was a penny between Lanes #1&2 at the traffic signal on Garey. I had to leave it. But maybe you can go back with me in the morning to get it?” (Coin #9 - Foregone)

Doc says he was out today in order to exercise and get more steps; I say this man has a serious case of Penny Fever.


Oh yes, the realtor called today. At the time, Doc was …uhhhh…“going with the flow” ;-) and I was in the middle of the photo shoot.. The package has arrived from the escrow office (that package which was supposed to be completed in the first week). Tomorrow we can finally go sign the escrow instructions! Then maybe a week until closing.

Do you sense any lessons for today?

Today’s Total: 12 coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (3) = $1.06

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