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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day #257 - Lost and Found

Today was a normal run errands, go-to-work day. We had things to do at the bank, post office, etc. before work. Doc’s requisite Starbucks stop yielded a dime and a quarter. (Coins #1&2) I was content with that haul and headed to work while Doc went into retirement mode again.

Mid afternoon Doc appeared at my office! That was a surprise. He had, of course, stopped at McDonalds for a coffee en route. He gleaned 2 pennies there; one on the curb and the other on a wall brick underneath the pick up window. (Coins #3&4). He “hung out” at my office while waiting for the Realtor’s daily update around 4:10 PM. She finally called at 5:30. No news from Escrow today.

We got home, had dinner, then Doc declared he needed 5,000 more steps for today! He was off to walk someplace air conditioned and to complete the “hit for the cycle”. Penny Fever. Role Reversals here. This is a CHANGED man!

His first stop was at OSH hardware. He “mopped up” a hairy nickel in the cleaning products aisle. (Coin #5) More steps, but no coins at Office Depot. Upon entering the grocery store he found a very shiny penny in a closed check out lane. (Coin #6).

This was the first penny we have even seen of Design #3 in the 2009 Penny series. They were released August 13th. It’s only been two weeks and this one has already been lost and found!

Doc spotted a penny in the 15 items or less aisle. He hung around there as the lane was being shut down, then swooped in for his prey. There was a third penny collected when he paid for his items. He used a credit card to pay, so it was a little awkward reaching for the penny under the coin return chute, but he did it anyhow. J (Coins 7&8)

Total for the day: 8 coins Q (1), D (1), N(1), P (5) = $0.45


Doc likes playing with the data. The Penny Finding Data from August was impressive.

440 Coins Total P (308), N (25), D (68), Q (31) + tokens = Value: $19.67

Daily averages using those numbers:

` P (9.9), N (0.8), D (2.2), Q (1.0)

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