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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day #264 - Nine on 9/9/9

Today was an average Penny Finding day. Doc and I went to Starbucks together, then parted ways. No coins there. I even parked and went inside to check there.

As I was driving down the freeway to the carpet warehouse, I was remembering thoughts from last year. Several people had suggested that maybe we could find some land for building other than in Claremont. I said, “We have had this land for 30+ years. It was bought for next to nothing and therefore the taxes are negligible. Where would we find a decent sized, level parcel in a good area within 30 miles of Cal Poly Pomona which we could afford?” I guess that has been answered with this new Alta Loma property.

I’m trying to finish off the cabin “refresh” project before school begins. Found a carpet remnant today in Chino. Just need to get it up to Crestline and installed. I’m listening to my cassette notes from today. When the one carpet guy went out to the warehouse area to look for the roll I had selected, he yelled back to the other guy, “What is the name of the piece?” Answer: INSPIRED! I had to laugh when I heard that.


This afternoon I needed to get a cable from one of the labs at school. I couldn’t help searching the lab for pennies while I was there. I searched very carefully - especially around the one work table and desk area. I was about to leave and turn out the lights when I was nudged to turn around. There was a penny precisely where I had looked just seconds earlier! Mushroom coin. Then I found another penny at the sink on my way out the door. (Today’s 2¢ worth).


I asked Doc to refrain from finding coins because I had things to do this evening and did not want to write much. I wish he would listen better. I came home to find two Love Notes saying, “Found Nine on 9-9-9, worth 9¢”. And he was proud of that!

Love Note #1 on scrap of McDonalds bag: “One penny in a crack at the pay window. One penny at the pickup window, then a penny in the flower bed past the window.” (Coins #1-3)

Doc then took the Metrolink train to the County Assessor’s office Downtown L.A.

Love Note #2:

l Penny on the rocks next to the Metrolink RR tracks. (He got scolded by the guard for getting too close to the tracks).

l Penny on a payphone table at the Civic Center exit of the Red Line subway

l Pennies at Taco Bell: One in the flower bed, two on the driveway, one in the crack.

(Coins #4-9)

Total: 11 coins Doc P (9) + Tina P (2) = 11¢,

Lesson: I’m just thinking of my ponderings from last year. “Where/how would we find a property within 30 miles of CPP which met our criteria?” I guess the Universe did just that. It’s neat when you have those “Ahha Realizations”.


Anonymous said...

Ananymous claims the third consecutive three days if an UCMB* found outside Ross counts.

*UCMB: unidentifiable circular metal blob

PennyFinders said...

No, Circular metal blobs do not count as coins found