In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day #267 - Smiles

Today Doc left early to work the entire day (or so I expected) with son, Brian on his garage roofing project. I had lots of errands to run in the morning, then planned to spend most of the day organizing and developing some of the Penny Finding projects.

Stopped at the bicycle shop to investigate the repair of a broken cable. No luck L I just could not resist walking a few extra steps to the 7-11 next door. As I approached the door, a gentleman was holding the door open for me, but first I had to scoop up the penny on the approach. I smiled and said “Day #267 of Penny Finding”. He smiled back. (Coin #1). Inside the store there was a long line of customers and I could not see any coins under the counter. So I looked from the back side and spotted a dime and penny. Proceeded to buy a banana (69¢) in order to creatively capture 11¢. (Coins #2&3). Does this make economic sense? As I emerged from the store and stood there recording the Penny Find, there was a penny in the first parking stall! (Coin #4). As I was walking away from the lot, I turned back to say “Thanks for the coins”. There was a beacon penny where I had just walked! I would have had to walk over that spot twice and missed it. I even remember noticing the piece of trash next to it. From my new perspective, the Light was on the penny and it shined! (Coin #5). I went back to retrieve it, but first approached it once again from the former direction of travel. It was not visible.

Lesson: "An object needs light to make it shine and radiate. Otherwise it looks pretty dismal". How can we serve as a beacon (light source) for others?


There was a plastic dime as I walked back to the bike shop, does that count?

Next, I turned in some paint cans at the Hazardous Materials station. The young guy working there was singing to the radio and really nice. He noticed my Penny Finder pen as I was signing forms. I told him the Story and we exchanged My Pen for His Smile. (Doesn’t make economic sense).

I was 10 minutes ahead of schedule (one store had been closed), and noticed a new Goodwill bookstore. Could not resist stopping to investigate. Two business cards and Smiles exchanged there.

Next I stopped at a paint shop to get an estimate on a paint job for the truck. I had mentally said, “If he quotes less than ###” I will probably do it. He gave a basic quote, then the add ons … slightly more than my number. “But we are slow this week so if you book it soon, it will be ###” - the EXACT number I had in my head! He asked what color. I told him penny copper … which lead to business cards and the explanation of Penny Finders to the three persons present there. They all smiled.

The next stop was the jeweler for a repair, but I just had to detour through the grocery store first. Found penny (Coin #6) by the photo counter. Then walking outside back to my truck there was another penny (Coin #7).

That was enough Penny Finding for me for a day!


Doc arrived home at 4:30 PM! Yikes! I wasn’t expecting him until 8-9 PM! I had work to do and he “cents” I didn’t want him around. So after leaving his debrief, and cleaning the tar off his arms, he left to find some place to go watch the USC football game.

He had stopped at Starbucks in Altadena on his way home. He retrieved a penny from under the counter before placing his order. (Doc Coin #1). He walked next door to Wells Fargo while waiting for decaf coffee to be brewed and found another penny (Coin #2).

Doc found a local Pizza place to watch the football game. He then went to Lowe’s to walk and get more steps. He walked the entire store several times. Upon leaving, he was “nudged” to search the contractor’s / loading area. “There were THREE shiny pennies in an equilateral triangle!” Then he found a dark penny in a nearby crack. (Coins #3-6). Doc was frustrated to have found less than I did. (I had expected him to be doing roofing the whole day and not finding any coins, but now he is getting Angel Nudgings too!)

Lesson: Even an ordinary, skeptical couch potato guy can be taught to Find and to listen to the Nudgings.

Today’s Total: 13 coins P (12), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.22 + one plastic dime

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