In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day #263 - Dime Day / September Challenge

Today was an assortment of Coin Finds.

The first appointment was our annual eye exam. En route we stopped at a thrift store where I returned some items and Doc cruised the store to find a dime under one of the picture frame shelves (Coins #1). After our appointment, Doc drove through a McDonalds where I found zero coins at the pay window L, but two dimes at the pickup window! (Coins #2&3).


At work there were some indirect finds. I met a co-worker in the hallway who had just found a dime. Then I returned to my office to find an envelope from Anonymous with Tales of a Solvang Sojourn. Coins were attached to the note which read:

9/5 Quarter retrieved from Room 205 toilet using curtain pulling pole.

Penny found on ground at Heidelberg Inn restaurant.

9/6 2 Quarters from Holiday Inn pool. Goggle retrieval by Little Guy

9/7 Penny on stairs at Holiday Inn

This guy has a serious case of Penny Fever ! He needs treatment!

Look at the photo of his Findings. The one quarter is barely recognizable!


After meeting with my student officers until 8 PM, I ran some errands on the way home. I was on my way to the third store (all in one shopping center) when I realized I hadn’t found any coins. I said: “Hi Penny Angels, I am surprised there haven’t been any coins tonight, but that’s just fine. I am satisfied with the 3 from this morning and the ones on my desk”. I had not even finished with the sentence when a penny appeared in front of me on the sidewalk! Mushroom coin. (Coin #4).

At Target, upon entering the store, I bought a beverage and was standing there minding my own business. A penny presented itself to me. (Coin #5)


When I arrived home, there was another Love Note waiting for me. This time the note was on the kitchen counter and written on the inside of a torn piece of McDonalds bag. J Are you laughing? Love notes don’t need to be on designer stationary to be effective. It’s the message which matters.

The Love Note had the coins taped down with short descriptions:

Doc had found a penny at the tire store when he got the tires rotated today. He said he did not see any coin on the way in to the store (and he claims he was searching), but then spotted it on his way out. (Coin #6) Then he found a penny in the planter by Starbucks as he was waiting for the tire service (Coin #7). Next he visited another McDonalds and collected two dimes and a penny (Coin #8-10) at the pay window.

There was second Love Note with a full story! Here it is transcribed for you:

“I met with a graduate student at Starbucks for advising.

Is that Doc’s third Starbucks today?

“I was a few minutes early, so placed my order and walked out the side door to “look” at the drive thru area. Spotted a penny on the sidewalk. I looked down the drive thru “backwards” of the traffic flow. A car drove up to the order speaker, but I saw coin reflections and could walk as far as the pick up window. Found a penny and a nickel in the planter as well as a dime on the pavement. After collecting those, I turned to walk back the way I had just come, and noticed I was standing on two more dimes! I then had a very successful advising session”. (Coins #11-16)


Today’s Total: 16 coins P (7), N (1), D (8), Q (0) = $0.92

Isn’t it great how other people are Catching Penny Fever!

September Challenge: Last week one of my students said, “You should shoot for 300 Consecutive Days!” I countered with: “YOU should shoot for THREE Consecutive Days”. I have not heard from him since then. J

So, I’ll challenge YOU Penny Pals with the same Challenge. Let’s see how many of you can find coins for any three consecutive days in September. That will be fun. (Note that co-worker Anonymous has already met the Challenge - you can too).


Anonymous said...

Actually, Anonymous is up to 4 consecutive days(which is TWO different three consecutive days) with 2 quarters in the *secret* vending machine mine yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous's haul for August:
Q(6) D(3) N(1) P(7) .75K(1)

And what's a .75K, you ask? A elctrical box knockout for a 3/4" conduit connector. Practically indistinguishable from a quarter in the dark.

Mandy said...

Matt found a nickel today and walked in and put it in the till. I think we have $.68 cents total in there since you gave us that jar! You find .68 cents a day!