In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day #310 - Penny Profusion

Side Note: I felt I needed to make a statement to the City of Claremont about their unreasonable property development demands. Thus, first thing this morning I put up a sign out on our Claremont parcel. Just a bit of “holiday decorating”!

On many days I have no idea for a story Title. Today it could be: Standing On It, 6 Stack, Coin Mine, Penny Profusion, Mind Boggling, Surrounded, etc.


Now back to Today’s Penny Finding Story …

The Findings happened several hours ago and I am still shaking my head in astonishment. My engineering brain says “Does not compute. Not logical”.

I expected today to be a quiet day. I planned to stay home and catch up on my past due homework assignments and then work on the ones due tomorrow and this week. Also to prepare for the meeting with a Contractor tomorrow night. The Penny Angels had a different plan.


This morning I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore to do some research. “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, What do you Say? Shall we Make Some Progress on Our Book Today?”

As I walked in, there was a bright, shiny new log cabin penny at the Check Out line. (Coin #1). I interpreted that to mean my research at that store would be fruitful. I think it was. My brain was on overload all the way home. I typed 6-7 pages of (PennyFinders) ideas all afternoon. So much for getting any homework done for my other class.


Around 6 pm I told Doc I was quitting with the PennyFinding brainstorming session and was now going to focus on “real homework”. He said we needed to go for dinner and groceries (the fridge was really empty).

The first stop was the 99¢ Only store for supplies for class. There was a penny as we walked in. It was maybe 2 inches from the foot of a customer. I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the coin and kept moving. Didn’t bother to explain. There were two more pennies in the next check out lane before I did any shopping. As I was checking out, Doc whispered, “There is a penny behind you”. I was in the middle of paying for the transaction so I said, “You get it Honey. That way you have a coin for today.” He got it. When we were back in the car he said, “Nice of you to let me have that Find, but I had already found a dime in there”. (Coins #2-6 at that stop).

The second stop was Sprouts grocery. No coins there. That’ OK. We have enough for today.

I was hoping for a very short Penny Tale tonight. I was content with that first coin this morning.

The third stop was Trader Joes. Doc found one Penny as we walked in. As we were checking out there was a penny under the Cashier next to us. I asked permission to fetch that penny and then gave her a business card with the story. While I was paying, Doc found a dime in the exit walkway. (Coins #7-9) at that stop.

The fourth stop was Staters Bros. Grocery. Doc found a dime in the lot just outside the store. Then I found two pennies near the change counting machine and another shiny new log house penny as we began shopping. As we were leaving the store Doc said, “Check the water vending machine, there was someone using it when we arrived.” I saw a coin under the machine and tried to drag it with my shoe. Once, twice, didn’t get it. Do I really care? Do I really need to get down and look at this? Sure enough, there was a dime there. (Coins #10-14 at that stop).

Lesson: (According to Doc). Obey Your Husband and you will be rewarded.

Makes me wonder … if I had done it more cheerfully, would it have been even more than a dime?


By now I was hungry and wanting to go home to unload the groceries, feed the dogs (and myself), and get started on my class prep!! Doc wanted to stop at the convenience store for a coffee to keep him going. Growl. I was not pleased. But this is where the story gets interesting ….

Doc parked the van. Ours was the only car in the lot. Before he opened his door he said, “There is a penny right here.”I said, “No way."

Doc said. “Come look”.

I walked around the van and said, “You are BSing. I don’t see anything.

Doc said, “You are standing on top of it. Lift your foot!”I did. He said, “No, the other foot!” There was the penny!

Then he walked behind the van and said, “Look. Here’s a penny too.”

“And here is another one”. Then he walked to my side of the van and said, “Here’s one you missed.” And then to the front of the van “Here is another one you missed”. And then 3-4 feet away he said, "Pick up this one too."

Then I spotted a dime by the door as well. "And Look at this 6-Stack someone has piled on the sidewalk!” No way! Then I saw one penny by the trash can. Then another by the door. Then we walked to the side of the store where Doc picked one up and said, “Look here!” I said, “I’ll match you with this one!” We walked back to the parking stalls in front of the store to find several more pennies. We were laughing so hard. I had to sit down and leave a voicemail for Mandy, Norma, our son, and my brother to leave them an ‘on-the-scene broadcast’. While calling, I noticed a penny under my backside. The pennies were literally popping up all around us. We and our vehicle were being surrounded! It was mind-boggling!

We collected 23 pennies out there! Doc said, “25 is your favorite number, so let’s go inside and find two”. He walked the aisles while I looked under the register area. Nothing. Disappointed. Doc got his coffee. I looked at the register area again. In 30 seconds two coins had appeared. Doc and I were the only people in the store other than the cashier who was mopping the floors at the time. While Doc paid for the coffee, I collected a penny and a dime!

The cashier asked me about the PennyFinders shirt I was wearing so I told him about Penny Tales. Doc asked if we could have the penny he had spotted behind the counter. I scolded him for being so brazen. The friendly cashier gave Doc the penny! Then the man almost danced around the register area and collected another penny which he ceremoniously presented to us. 28 coins at that stop. Such fun!!!! We had a wonderful few moments of JOY shared with a total stranger.

Reflection: How can we capture that JOY and help other people spread it?

Today’s Total: 42 coins P (36), N (0), D (6), Q (0) = $0.96

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