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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day #313 - Jumpin for JOY

Driving home tonight I was asking Doc if any Penny Angel Lesson/Message came through for him today. Or what about a title for today’s Tale? So far, neither of us has ideas. But there are still a few minutes left of today …


Here is a question which arrived this morning from a Penny Pal:

Does finding a $1 dollar bill count for 100 days before or after? I found it yesterday on my way to class. Whew, I said to myself. I am covered for, 50/50, half before and half after. L


What would your answer be to LP?


Today I taught a class on Personal Financial Planning. Just a 75 minute very brief overview of the topic. I closed with the Value of a Penny … and of course, 2-3 minutes about Penny Finders. I know the students will ask more questions about it next week ;-) Fun to SHARE with them.


Busy at school. Running late. Arrived to pick up the Twins and Ashley for our bi-weekly Play Time and asked them what they wanted to do in our 4.5 hours this week. Olvera Street? China Town? A Park? We could do any of those as long as well also found Today’s Penny! They Chose Jump ‘n Jammin.

Brandon and I were busy studying spelling words in the back seat. As we were driving through the mall parking lot, Doc abruptly stopped the car, put on the emergency brake and hopped out. We wondered what was going on? Doc

came back with a smile and a penny he had spotted between the parked cars. “Uncle Doc has Penny Fever!” (Coin #1).

It was my first time at Jump ‘n Jammin - their second. A great indoor activity center. We Shared all about Penny Finders with the nice young gal who was checking us in. She had a tale of an interesting penny rreport she had written for a school project.

The kids ran at full speed for an hour. They ran and Jumped for the JOY of it. I played for a while. There were three other parents in there. All were men with their kids. That was good to see. Wished I hadn’t worn socks with so many holes in them. Doc went to the bathroom in the mall and came back with a nickel. (Coin #2).

When the play center closed at 6 p.m., we grabbed our reading homework and spelling words and headed to the food court. We were traveling down one aisle when I told the kids “let’s go down this other aisle because I have a feeling we should look there”. We found 2 pennies (Coins #3&4). The kids asked how I knew to look there. I told them “It was a feeling. Got to listen to those nudgings”

We selected various dinners so we could try new things. Fun times. Then we spent an hour in the kids section of Borders Bookstore. Home by 8:29 PM (They had an 8:30 curfew).


Doc wanted to stop at Walgreens before we got on the freeway. I did not want to. I told him if we stopped to get his item, we had better find a coin for me! We each searched the store with no success. I told the Penny Angels that I did not plan to leave the store until I had a coin! I then found one on the floor in the Halloween candy section. (Coin #5). Again, that verbalizing of a request seems to give it strength.

Reflections: The kids were running and jumping for the JOY of it and just because life is exciting. As adults, are we still Jumpin for JOY each day?

Today’s Total: 5 coins P (4) + N (1) = $0.09

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Anonymous said...

It sure is easier finding coins in the vending machines when certain other people aren’t around.