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Friday, October 16, 2009

Day #301 - Back to Basics

It’s a good thing yesterday was so wonderful. That helps to average out days like today. We met with a second house designer for a few hours this morning. He has designed a number of homes in Alta Loma and “been there, done that”. His bottom line was: Expect to pay $175-$300/sf of house and if we began today, we could be breaking ground in a year from now. L

You should have seen Doc’s face. He was planning to build for $125/sf and be underway in 4-5 months. Doc was bummed, so he went for a drive, a flu shot and to get my truck smog checked -- it failed. Not one of our better days.


This morning we stopped at Starbucks then mom’s house to water plants. No coins at either stop. Had ten minutes before meeting the architect, so pulled into a Circle K. There was a dime way under the soda dispenser (one-knee retrieval), then a penny as we left the store and another penny in the parking stall when Doc got back to the van. Three Finds in five minutes. Not bad. (Coins #1-3)


We met with the architect and left there fairly discouraged. Doc headed for McDonalds where he got coffee and burgers, while I collected a dime at the first window and a penny at the pick up window (Coins #4&5).


Doc took me to work, but he needed to mull things over, so he went for a drive. He went for a flu shot, then took my truck in for a smog check. It failed, but he saw a glimmer (of hope?) from about 25 ft. It was a dime! Then he found a penny inside the store under the candy bar rack. (Coins #6&7)


Just before closing at work tonight, I ran across campus to submit a job for printing. On the way back to the office I was talking to the Penny Angels, “Things are looking a little bleak today, got anything to say about this?” Within 1-2 minutes I found a dime under a picnic table. Then a few moments later a penny, then another penny around the “concrete pancake stage” area. (Coins #8-10)


For me, animals are always a good omen. When we arrived home tonight, there was a strangely colored cat on our front door step. She was going to flee, but I spoke gently to her. We spent a few quiet moments together just stroking and enjoying.


Today’s Lesson goes Back to the Basic / Default Principle:

Penny Find = In God We Trust

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (6), N (0), D (4), Q (0) = $0.46

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