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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day #309 - Sleeping In

The BEST part of today -- Sleeping In! No alarm clock this morning! (That is also one of my definitions of “retired”).

Each year the City of Claremont has Village Venture on the last Saturday in October. Over 450 booths of crafts, food, information. I splurged today and spent 2 hours there ;-) I was also determined to log a few thousand steps and to find at least one coin there so I could go home and be done with that responsibility.

After 1-1/4 hours I had walked 6,000 steps, bumped into numerous people, said hello to several dogs, but found zero coins! Couldn’t believe it. I was headed to meet Doc (who was grading quizzes at the library) when I stopped to search through stacks of CDs for sale. Was paying for the CDs and found today’s penny (Coin #1). Yes, I spent $20 for 8 assorted CDs to get ONE penny! :-0 (Listening to one of them while writing this Tale).

On the way home Doc wanted to check his lottery ticket (and search for pennies) so we stopped at the AM/PM. I found one penny next door at the car wash area where people wait. (Coin #2).

Doc and I were just about home when we remembered yesterday’s Foregone Penny. We chuckled and said, “Let’s go for it!” We drove back to that intersection, approached it from a side street, watched the signal to maximize our approach time, and prayed for a break in traffic. We were carefully “stalking our prey”! We turned into the lane and slowly rolled into position. The penny was still there! Very abused, and not catching the sunlight as it did yesterday, but we knew where to look. (Coin #3)

The rest of the day was spent grading papers, doing class prep, watching football (Doc), paying bills, doing household chores, etc. (Tina). Actually just being home with the dogs was NICE!

Reflection: “Ordinary” Days are Pleasant and Appreciated.

Today’s Total: 3 coins P (3) = $0.03

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