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Monday, October 12, 2009

Day #297 - Consistency Matters

The “work day” began at 8 a.m. with our 3rd Session with Pat. We are exploring various ways of making Penny Finders into a book or somehow helping other people catch Penny Fever.

I was in class much of today with no chance to find coins. At 4 p.m. I realized I had better limp over to the Marketplace and look around. My attitude was one of resistance. “Penny Angels does it really make sense to walk across campus for a chance of finding a silly penny? Other people toss pennies away and you expect me to go walking for one? I do not want to search today!”


Doc has told me “It takes only one ‘O Poop’ (censored version) to cancel out 100 Atta Boys”.

That phrase came to mind today. It would take only One day of not getting a coin to void the whole consecutive streak. That would end the series of nearly 300 days of walks in the rain, silly finds, median finds, mushroom coins, miracle finds…

Reflections: Consistency Matters. Character Matters.

An unkind word, a thoughtless gesture, a breach of trust, … So many things can easily wipe out what may have taken years to develop: friendships, marriages, business relationships and more.

OK. That Reflection got me off my butt and walking.


At the Marketplace I scanned the outside tables, the inside tables, the register areas of each of the food places, the convenience store, etc. No coins. I was negotiating with the Penny Angels, “Please? Yesterday I was being picky with a nickel. I won’t be picky today. Today I would just like ONE coin - any one will do”.

I walked one additional lap through the Market place and found a penny at the Carl’s Jr. area. (Coin #1)

THANK YOU. Day #297 done.


On the way home from work I planned to water the plants at my mom’s house. Doc offered to go along with me - if we could stop at Starbucks for coffee.

We stopped at mom’s senior mobile home park. We parked our van near the laundry room, next to a car which had the driver’s door fully open. This was a little strange. I assumed someone was fetching their laundry and would be right back. After a few minutes there was no action, so I went inside thinking perhaps an elderly resident might be needing assistance. I looked inside the building and all around the outside. No one in sight. Strange. But I found three pennies in the car wash bay! (Coins #2-4)

Doc says the Lesson is: “You were rewarded for caring and going out of your way.”


We stopped at Starbucks as agreed. I did not see any coins. But Doc spotted a nickel. He was happy to find HIS coin. I did tell the Penny Angels I was not requesting a nickel in particular today, but they provided one anyhow - just to be a little playful. (Coin #5)

Today’s Total: 5 Coins: P (4), N (1) =

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Anonymous said...

I got the dime under the vending machines and the penny outside the marketplace before you got off your butt. I needed a quarter, so I stooped to invoking the powers-that-be: "Penny Angels, Penny Angels, what do you say? Will I find a quarter to hit for the cycle in October today?" It didn’t help. Maybe they’re picky about meter, so after dropping off mail at the BCS on the way to the book store, I tried "Penny Angels, Penny Angels, what do you say? A quarter will hit for the cycle today."; outside Round Table under a table was the afore-requested quarter: three consecutive months of hitting for the cycle. Under a table on the way to the book store was a gold disk. Could I be so lucky as to get a bonus buck? Alas, 'twas but a ROUM (round object of unidentifiable metal), which upon further inspection revealed itself as a hummingbird seal (that’s the sticky thing used on paper, not the marine mammal).