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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day #292 - Combination Finding

Several people have asked if I actively seek coins or if they just appear for me. BOTH. It is a combination of seeking as well as passively finding. Today was an example of those.

Next school term I am scheduled to teach a Fundamental Engineering course, so this quarter I am visiting various sections of that course and “doing my research” to be better prepared. Today as I was walking to class there was a very shiny penny in my pathway. (Coin #1) A dozen other people walked over it, but I stopped to collect it. I still had it in my hand as I entered the classroom. I heard one student saying to several others, “Many people won’t bother to stop and pick up pennies, but I do. Every penny still has value.” I had to laugh! I opened my hand and told them I had just picked up this penny. I told them that in two weeks their instructor had another function he must attend and I would be teaching a session on financial planning -- maybe I would tell them about Penny Finding at the very end of the class! What a Perfect Opening to present Penny Tales and related lessons to a whole class! Interesting how those Penny Angels are “paving the path”.

I was not actively seeking that first penny, but it appeared for me and provided a “tool” to dangle in front of the students and hopefully have them “anticipating” the lecture I am preparing.


I was really tempted to leave today’s penny finding at just one coin because that would be a much faster write up tonight. But around 4:30 I got edgy and headed for the Marketplace (cafeteria) area saying “OK Penny Angels 10-15 minutes. That’s it. See what you can do”. (Penny Fever)

There was a penny at the doorway as I entered. Then a nickel in a corner where a ladder and some supplies were tucked. Then a penny on the floor at the Taco Bell register. (Coins #2-4). OK. I was actively seeking those coins. That was fun. Back to work.

On the way back to my office, there was a penny in the pathway like this morning. (Passive find). (Coin #5).


I came home to find Doc totally immersed in his class prep. No dirty dishes on the counter, so I knew he had another fast food dinner. There was a love note on the table with Pennies attached …

Doc had stopped at McDonalds for dinner. Found three pennies and two dimes at the pay window, the a penny at the second window . (Coins #1-6 for Doc).

He “Needed” coffee to assist with his class prep work so stopped at the Starbucks next to McDonalds. So far, this store has been so new, there hadn’t been coins to find. Tonight he claimed two quarters! Wow! (Coins #7&8)


When this whole Penny Finding business first started, Doc was not part of the equation. But as things have developed, he has become a stronger and stronger partner in this effort. Since we are married, he is my other half. Hopefully you are gaining, growing, learning, etc. through his stories as well. (Plus I enjoy picking on him). Thus, I include his experiences. (Both with and without his blessing sometimes) ;-)

Lesson: Pennies, like KNOWLEDGE, are sometimes Actively Sought and other times Passively Acquired.

Today’s Total: 13 Coins P (8), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = 83¢

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