In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Joyfully, Tina

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day #300 - Unexpected Opportunity

For the past few days I have been asking the Penny Angels “What do you have planned for Day #300?”

On Day #200 we found 123 coins. Somehow I didn’t think we would top that today.


As I opened my eyes this morning my first thoughts were “Let me do something worthwhile today and maybe touch a life or two. Penny Angels, what is in store for us?”

I was in the office fairly early to prepare for my 10 AM presentation. That went well. Around noon I had deliveries to make. I walked out of the building to find a shiny penny in the breezeway between the buildings. Yippee! Day #300 was done! (Coin #1). I popped into the student study room to share the good news with them. I found a penny under one of the study tables! (Coin #2) There was a cheer from the few students who knew the story and the Unexpected Opportunity to Share the story with 25-30 students.


There was a job fair taking place in the Center of campus, so I ventured in that direction. Ran into a few alumni and several other persons. I was asked about my unique penny pendant and again had the Opportunity to Share the Story a few times.


I was very close to the Marketplace and just could not resist going to look … There was one penny as I approached the door and two pennies at Taco Bell. I said, “Thanks Penny Angels, but this is Day #300. Couldn’t you do something a little ‘grander’ than 5 pennies?” I immediately found a quarter at the salad bar - and the Unexpected Opportunity to Share. As I stood up from retrieving the coin, I was greeted by someone I had been trying to speak with for the past month. So we talked business and pennies. Then there was a penny at the convenience store, and one in the middle of the white tile floor at Panda Express. (Coins #3-8) at that location.

I walked back through the Job Fair thinking, “There is no way I would find a penny out here. People are not pulling wallets out or paying for anything here. Besides, there are hundreds of people and surely they would get any coins.” And of course, a penny appeared on the sidewalk in front of me. A shiny new log house penny. Someone was walking over it, so I paused for just one moment. The person kicked the penny and a business card which then landed on the penny to cover it! I had to “unveil” the penny to get it! (Coin #9).


This afternoon I attended a lecture in the library. The speaker was caught in traffic, so the host of the event was sharing information about her campus program and about her story. I was having a quiet conversation with the Penny Angels. “This seems like an audience who would be receptive to Penny Finding. What do You think?” After 45 minutes of hoping for a polite way to just stand up in the audience and blurt out Day #300!, I resigned to the fact it wasn’t going to happen. It was announced that the speaker was in the parking lot and due to arrive any moment. The host then said, “Tina, do you want to share your story?!?!?” Unexpected Opportunity. I replied, “I graduated from this campus in Civil Engineering and Thank You for sharing Day #300 of Penny Finding with me!” There were looks of confusion. So, of course the host asked me to explain -- which I did in under 2 minutes. There were at least 30 smiles in the room. Shared JOY! The invited speaker finally arrived and gave her entire lecture - in 10 minutes!

On the way back to my office I stopped at the Student Center. A dime at the tables in the dining area. (Coin #10) One penny in front of the chain rollup curtain at a closed counter. (Coin #11) Another penny teasing me from behind the chain curtain (Coin #12 - foregone).


At 6:20 Doc gave his lecture class a break (so he could get a coffee). He had been telling them about the solar cars we raced and told me I should come upstairs and give a hello from “the engineer who traveled across Australia backwards!” Unexpected Opportunity. I greeted the class then said, “THANK You for Celebrating Day #300 with us”. Of course more explanation was then required … Another group of +/- 30 Smiles. Shared Joy.


On the way home, Doc wanted to stop somewhere so HE could find a coin. I suggested also stopping at the little Mexican restaurant to celebrate Day #300 J We placed our order and Doc excused himself to go wash his hands in the bathroom which was maybe 20 ft. away. I said, “Keep your eyes and ears open for coins!” As he walked away I heard several coins falling! I had to laugh! Was I imagining that? There was a little 4-year old girl just 4-5 feet away from me and she was playing with a handful of quarters. They just kept jumping out of her hands and landing on the table, the chair, the floor and making music! I laughed and just couldn’t resist Sharing the story with the family. We had a wonderful conversation.

Doc needed to stop for coffee. Circle K. A penny when we first walked in. Nothing more. But then one penny to the left of the door as we were leaving, and one to the right on the threshold! (Coins #13-15). Plus a conversation with the guy in line behind us. More Sharing.

SHARING all day long.

Today’s Total: 15 Coins: P (12), N (0), D (1), Q (1) + 1 P Foregone = 48¢


Pat Burns said...

48¢and a million dollars in smiles! congratulations on day 300!

Mandy said...

Penny Fever is spreading with every story and experience you share! I can't believe the angels had you speaking to so many people and sharing smiles in so many ways! That's incredible. I love the Penny Angels!