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Monday, October 5, 2009

Day #290 - Ordinary?

Doc insisted upon his Starbucks stop on the way to school. I was not keen on the idea because I wanted time to prepare before going to class. There is no sense talking much less arguing reasonably with Doc until he gets his coffee. Doc agreed to toss me out of the van at the grocery store so I could use those few minutes to Penny Find while he went to Coffee Find.

I walked into the grocery store and immediately found a penny in one of the check out lanes. There was a dime and another penny in the next lane. I passed through the bank. Got several bills from the ATM, but no Found Coins.

Doc still had not arrived so I walked through the In-N-Out. The driveways had just been hosed down, so I assumed no coins would be found. Wrong. Two wet pennies.

Lesson: Carefully note your pre-established biases. They may not be valid.

Meanwhile Doc found his own penny. When entering Starbucks he searched for coins. Nothing. Then when he was doctoring his coffee, the cream pitcher was empty and he “did a good deed” in getting it refilled. Found a penny when he approached the counter. Mushroom penny?

Tonight on the way home we drove through Bravo Burger for dinner. One penny at the drive up window. There were also four embedded pennies which drove me nuts!


Reflection: Penny Finding is like marriage -- not every day is superspectacular with fireworks. There are “ordinary” days as well. But then when you step back and look at things -- 290 Consecutive Days of Penny Finding is pretty impressive. Like a long-term marriage. Some days it is so easy. There are a few days when it taks a little extra effort. And no two days have ever been the same!

Today’s Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D(1), Q(0) = 16¢

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