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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day #378 - Tails 4 Tales and New Years Day

Welcome Aboard for 2010!

Condensed Version:
New Year’s Day traditions: Doc - TV, beans, cornbread
Tina - paperwork, chores, avoid Doc.
Lots of lessons learned on a walk with Norman (my Dachshund / Chi mix)
Penny Cards distributed to all houses in our neighborhood.

Full Version:
In our house we have a New Year’s Day tradition. Doc spends the day with the TV, a pot of beans and a tray of cornbread. I stay out of his way and work on the year-end receipts, bill paying, account balancing, tax preparation, chores, etc.

I spent a few hours on the PennyFinders website and related items. Early this afternoon I realized I needed to get out of the house in order to find a coin. OK. How would the Penny Angels deliver today’s coins / messages?

I had less than 500 steps on the pedometer for the day and I hadn’t taken my dachshund, Norman for a walk in many, many months, so we grabbed a leash and headed out the front door. I was not exercising - we were going Penny Hunting.

Adults and Children can learn to Penny Hunt, what about Canines?

Happy Tails for Penny Tales

Norman and I had traveled a few hundred feet and noticed four contractor-type guys sitting outside their house with cigarettes and some beer. My stereotyping came into play here. Thoughts: “Not the typical audience to be receptive to Penny Angels”. But I turned around, walked down their driveway, handed them four Penny Cards and told them about PennyFinders. Told them they were the starting point for Day #378 Penny Hunting. They all smiled and Joy was Shared. Mission accomplished.

Lesson: “Don’t stereotype. Anyone is a candidate for Penny Smiles”.

Within a few minutes Norman and I were at the corner grocery store (which was closed), but we found a penny by the newspaper racks (Coin #1). I was ready to go home, but it had taken Norman nearly a year to get this walk with me and he was not going home this early.

We proceeded down the street past the army surplus and then around a little 24 hour Mexican Food place. Found a penny in the parking area. (Coin #2). I told Norman that we had God’s 2¢ worth and I was heading home.

We dropped some letters into the mailbox, looked around the 99¢ store and walked through the UHaul Center. No coins, but lots of lessons on our walk together.

Today’s discussions with the Dog (which equals God to my dyslexic canine).

Norman’s tongue was hanging out and he was looking a bit tired.
Also, we believe that Norman had been abandoned and abused before he came to live with us. Tina to Norman:

“If you would just go around obstructions on MY side, you would not get so ‘hung up’ on things. Light poles, signs, benches, etc. do not need to choke you. Come around to my side and we can walk easily”.

“I have given you a long leash on which to travel and explore. Why must you pull it to the very max where you are straining and the collar is pulling at your throat? Walk next to me and enjoy the journey. You are just tiring yourself”

“Yes, you have free will to walk, run, or stop. And I will be patient as you investigate things. But always remember we are connected.”

“I can see things you can’t. I know of vehicles and crossing signals and how to get us home. You don’t know those things.”

“I can’t let you totally off the leash. You could not survive on your own”.

“Do you realize one of the first things you did on our walk together was to poop on the sidewalk? Who is the Master here? Why must I always be the one to clean up your messes?”

“I love you. I will protect you from cars, strangers, the elements. Trust in me”.

“If you grow too weary, call upon me. I promise to carry you.”

Interesting Ponderings and cause for Reflection.

I told Norman if he wanted to continue walking, HE should find the next coin. After all, he is a dachshund - bred for ferreting. I showed him a penny and told him to Find. He is closer to the ground, so he should be able to find better than I can. He argued back that coins do not carry an identifiable “Cent”.

We searched McDonalds, the car wash, Taco Bell and then Arby’s. He was definitely more interested in all the tidbits of food, but he finally discovered his first Find. Happy Tail. (Coin #3).

At the 76 Station, Norman found a penny at the detail car wash area. The score was now tied at 2:2 He hesitated for just a brief moment at the edge of each of the floor drains in the bays of the self-serve wash area . Then he took a deep breath and leapt over each one. Leaps of faith. I was there to help him if he needed, but we both knew he could do it - even though he was a little scared.

At the vacuum pumps I spotted an obvious silver coin. Norman’s attention was on the sound of a train in the distance. His butt was right on the nickel! (Coin #5)

Thought: “How often are we distracted by distant noises in our lives? Are we overlooking even obvious treasures in our path?”

We had enough coins, but I could not resist checking inside the convenience store. I tied Norman’s leash by the door and searched inside. Once, twice, three times (small store). I had my hand on the door to exit, but was nudged to turn back and Share with the attendant.

Tina’s argument with the Penny Angels. “This guy does not look Angel Friendly. Don’t make me go back there.” I went and tried to give the guy a Penny Card. He wasn’t initially receptive, but I shared anyhow. I finished my story and looked to my right. A penny had manifested while we were talking! (Coin #6). The attendant smiled, moved the wire rack aside, bent over to retrieve the coin, smiled really big, handed me the penny, and introduced himself as “Karlo from Spain”! What a moment of JOY. Silly? So What! Just a brief moment of simple Joy.

It was time to head home. There was one Penny in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut and then another at the corner gas station. (Coins #7&8)

After a little while of overhearing (several stations of) football, I had enough. Doc watches football for Joy, What brings me joy?

OK. I grabbed a stack of Penny Cards and headed out. I taped a Penny Card on the front door of each of the 56 homes in our neighborhood. Shared the PennyFinder story with a few neighbors and even found one penny in a cul-de-sac. (Coin #9).

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (8), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.13

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